A glimpse of the sky inspires feelings of infinite possibilities and potential. Conjure the same for your newborn by giving your son a name from this list of boy names that man sky. From Bhanu to Nigel to Naseem, each is impactful and strong. Take a look!

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  • Aither An attractive boy name of Greek origin, this name is rare. It means “spirit of the air”.
  • Akash A meaningful name for a baby boy, Akash is of Hindu origin. It stands for the sky and open space. Many believe it was the first element ever made.
  • Anil Of Indian mythology, this short male name is simple and meaningful. Anil is the God of wind and the meaning is “the air and the wind”.
  • Ashvin This is a delightful boy name of Hindu origin. In addition to meaning “first star in the sky”, it can also mean “the Lord of visions”.
  • Bhanu An intriguing name for a baby boy from the Sanskrit language of India. It stands for “the sky”.
  • Caelestis This is a strong boy's name that is Roman in origin. It means “sky or heavenly”.
  • Ekambar Here is a name you will not forget for your baby boy. Of Indian origin, it means “sky”.
  • Erjon Of Albanian descent, Erjon is a strong boy's name. It means “the wind in the sky”.
  • Goku A short Japanese name for a baby boy that has gained popularity through Dragonball Z. The original meaning is “aware of emptiness” in regard to the sky.
  • Keyne This is a very hip-sounding name for a baby boy. Of Celtic origin, it means “man of the Eastern sky”.
  • Mahpiya An unusual boy's name from the Native American culture. It means cloud or sky.
  • Matuu A different type of name for a baby boy. Matuu was the Polynesian God of wind.
  • Mellan This would make a memorable name for a baby boy. Of Irish/Gaelic origin, it means “lightning in the sky”.
  • Naseem Here is a popular Arabic name for a baby boy. It means “breeze”.
  • NathanielA classy sky name from Hebrew origin is always popular. A boy's name that is beloved means “a gift from heaven”.
  • Neifion Of Welsh origin, this could be a unique boy's name. Meaning “moist wet clouds”, it takes the name Neptune to a Welsh twist.
  • NeilA strong boy's name that is the English version of Niall of Gaelic origin. It means “cloud”.
  • NigelThis Latin name is used worldwide and is a good strong name for a boy. It is a sky name meaning “cloud”.
  • Ouranos Ouranos is the Greek god of the sky. It would make a good name for a strong and powerful male. Its meaning is “sky, heaven”.
  • Payne A very cool name for a boy that is Mapudungan in origin. The meaning is sky blue.
  • Phirun From the little-known language of Khmer, Phirun is a male name. He was the rain God in many myths.
  • Riyon Indian in origin, Riyon is an authoritative name for a boy. It means “an immense beauty of heaven”.
  • SamirSamir is a simple name for a baby boy. It is of Hindi origin and means “wind and air”.
  • VanThis short, cool name is perfect for a baby boy. Of Chin/Burmese roots, it means “sky or heaven”.
  • Zeru This uncomplicated name would be splendid for a baby boy. Short and of Basque origin, it stands for sky.

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