From Divit to Achyut to Udit, this selection of Sanskrit baby names for boys is filled with handsome and masculine options. Explore the impactful meanings of each and find the most fitting option for your son.

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  • Ayushman This is a strong male name for a Sanskrit newborn. The interpretation is “blessed with a long life”.
  • Achyut A bold name for a Hindu newborn boy, it stands alone among the thousands of names. Meaning “imperishable and indestructible”, it is of Sanskrit origin.
  • Arit Arit is a short name of Sanskrit origin that demands attention. Meaning “one “worthy of praise”, it is an honorable male name.
  • Aryan If you are searching for a baby boy name that is short and to the point, Ayran has it all. It means “noble and civilized”.
  • Bharat Bearing the sound of an emperor, Bharat is a bold boy name that means just that. The Sanskrit origin translates into “Universal Monarch”.
  • Bhavesh Also spelled Bhuvanesh, this little boy's name is common and very acceptable. It means “lord of the world”.
  • Chaitanya Religious circles often name a newborn boy to reflect their beliefs. Chaitanya represents “the universal soul or spirit”.
  • Chitraksh “Beautiful eyes” is the reflection of this Sanskrit boy's name. This is a special name for this characteristic.
  • Divit A short inviting name specifically given to baby boys of Indian background. Lovely to be blessed with this name which means “heaven or reaching for the sky”.
  • Dushyant Dushyant comes with a powerful meaning of Sanskrit origin. Meaning “destroyer of evil”, a boy would be honored with such a name.
  • Gyanav For a bright future and outstanding standards, a baby boy would welcome this Sanskrit name. Meaning “full of knowledge”, proud parents he would have.
  • Kairav A mystical and sweet-sounding name, Kairav comes from Sanskrit origin in naming a baby boy. It means “white lotus opening at moonshine”.
  • Lakshay A lucky little soul will enjoy this popular male name. Lakshay means “one who is always on target”.
  • Manan Manan may be a simple name for a boy, but it carries a big meaning. Of Sanskrit origin, this male name means “thoughtful”.
  • Mokshit A different type of baby boy name, Mokshit is of Sanskrit origin. It means “free of liberated”.
  • Nirbhay A baby boy that is valiant in movement, might be named Nirbhay. The Sanskrit meaning is “fearless” and fitting for a feisty young one.
  • Ojas Here is an unusual name that carries a lot of weight. Perfect for a baby boy, Ojas means “brilliant, bountiful or energetic”.
  • Oman Oman is a popular Sanskrit name for boys. Its meaning is “protector”.
  • Parth Common among Indian countries, Parth is a Sanskrit name for boys that is known for strength. The meaning is “prince”.
  • Samarth Samarth is a smooth-sounding baby boy name. It means “able and efficient”.
  • Sashwat Beaming with the tone of leadership, Sashwat is a forceful male name. Meaning “eternal” in Sanskrit, it is a common name.
  • Tavasya Another Sanskrit boy's name that promotes power and boldness. Tavasya means “strength” in its native language.
  • Udit Udit is not a name you hear every day. Meaning lofty, ascended, it is of Sanskrit origin and is a male name.
  • Utkarsh Honor your baby boy with an unusual trusted name. Utkarsh means “superior and attractive” in Sanskrit.
  • Vibhuti This is a baby boy name for those of the Hindu religion. Its meaning is “holy ash; prosperity and glory”.

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