From Minh to Ba to Thang, this list of Vietnamese baby names for boys is filled with a variety of options of differing meanings. Explore the meanings of each and marvel at the deep symbolism of each.

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  • An – This boy's name consists of two words. Together they mean peaceful hero.
  • Ba A short male name that represents “three or third”. This is a common description of brothers.
  • Bay For a baby boy born in July in Viet Nam, Bay is a common name. It stands for “July”, the 7th month, or the “7th born son”.
  • C”ng An interesting name for a Vietnamese boy that means “skillful and industrious”.
  • Dai This is a bold boy's name for a baby boy set with a positive future in mind. It means “great”.
  • Hoc This short Vietnamese name says it all. “Studious” is the meaning for a special newborn boy.
  • Hy Hy represents a “hopeful” male boy from the first day of his birth. This name is common in Asian countries.
  • L…nh Some names in Vietnamese have a mixture of letters and symbols. This is one example of a boy's name that means “peaceful”.
  • Lam This popular male Vietnamese name is filled with depth. The original translation stands for “fully understand and knowledge”.
  • Lap Lap is a male name that means “independent soul”. Parents may see this trait in their newborns right away.
  • Long A Vietnamese name that is odd according to meaning. In Chinese, its meaning is “hair” while Vietnamese is “dragon”. It is usually given to males only.
  • Minh This male baby name of Vietnamese origin is perfect for a happy boy. It means “bright”.
  • Ngai Ngai is a male Vietnamese name that means “herb”. Another similar name is Nghi which has a different meaning of “suspected”.
  • Nghia For a future as bright as a newborn baby boy's face. This name translates to “forever”.
  • Phong This Vietnamese name can address many types of meanings. “Wind” is the primary translation for a swift or elevated baby boy.
  • Phuc This name is also spelled Phuoc, a Vietnamese baby boy would be blessed with this name. “Blessings or luck” are the meaning of Phuc.
  • Pin As parents lay out the future for their new baby boy, this original Viet Nam name says it all. Pin translates into “faithful boy'.
  • Quan A strong and healthy boy's name, Quan shows everyone what type of man he will be. Used by many Vietnamese parents, it means “soldier, warrior”.
  • Son A short boy's name that is easy to remember and say, Son, captures the picture of a “mountain” in its Vietnamese translation.
  • Thi This name can also be spelled Thai and is an original name from Viet Nam. Masculine in sex is a popular name that means “many or to multiply”.
  • Thang Full of strength, Thang is a male baby name and quite popular. The original meaning is “victorious”.
  • Thian Also spelled Thien, this boy's name is indicative of “being smooth”. The country of origin is Viet Nam.
  • Tin Originated in Viet Nam, Tin means “thinker”. Another way of spelling is Tinh where it has a different translation of “mindful or aware”.
  • Toan This is a positive name for a Vietnamese baby boy. Toan means “complete and secure”.
  • Tong This baby boy's name is common in Viet Nam. The original meaning is “fragrant”.
  • Tung Tung is a strong male name that signifies “seriousness and dignity”. This is a very respectable name in the Asian community.

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