The following list of Vietnamese baby names for girls is rich with feminine monikers of varying meanings. From “lotus flower” to “sentimental love” and beyond, these names are impactful and delicate. Explore each and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Ai This is a beautiful Vietnamese name for your newborn girl. The name originates from “sentimental love”.
  • Be Be originated in Viet Nam as a tender name for a little girl. It translates into “doll”.
  • Bich A popular name among the Vietnamese communities is Bich. It is given to baby girls and means “jade, jewelry”.
  • CamThe name given to females in the Asian world. Cam stands for “sweet citrus”.
  • Chau This is a lovely name to bestow upon a Vietnamese baby girl. It can also be spelled Chao and means “pearls”.
  • Cuc Flowers are often used to describe newborns because of their innocence and beauty. In Viet Nam, Cuc is a female name which means “chrysanthemum”.
  • Dep Dep describes a female newborn that is “beautiful”. This is a common name within the country of Viet Nam.
  • Hai Hai, in the feminine form represents “two or second”. However, this same spelling for a male in Vietnamese stands for “sea or lion”.
  • Hang Hang has a deep meaning for those that choose to name their baby girl this in Viet Nam. “Angel in the full moon” is the meaning of this little used name.
  • Hanh This is a fitting name for parents to use for a darling girl with internal strength and a good upbringing. “Beautiful and moral” is the meaning of this name in Vietnamese.
  • Hue Hue is another girl's name that depicts a flower for a meaning. One of the most beautiful flowers in Viet Nam, the “lily” is the meaning of the name Hue.
  • Lang This is a beautiful girl's name that is popular in Viet Nam. The meaning is “sweet potato”.
  • Lien This treasure of a baby girl's name can bring pride to the Vietnamese parents. Meaning “lotust flower”, it is a beautiful tribute to the newest member of the family.
  • Linh Linh is the top female girl's name in Viet Nam. Meaning “spring”, it is a lovely choice for baby girls.
  • MaiA special choice for a Vietnamese baby girl. Lovely to say and lovely to know the meaning which is “flower”.
  • Ngoc A radiant name to match a gem. Ngoc means “jade” and Ngoc Bich means “precious jade”. Both names are remarkable for a Vietnamese baby girl.
  • Ngon A nice name for a female Veitnamese baby. Its meaning is “good communication”.
  • Nguyet This is a rare Vietnamese name for girls. I you would like to error on the side of different, Ngyet is an option and means “moon”.
  • Nhu This is a lovely girls name that means “everything according to one's wishes”. The spelling Nu, simply means “girl”.
  • Phoung Many names come from ancient Asian stories and legends. This name for a girl comes from “a legendary bird”.
  • Ping Ping is a delightful girl's name that originated in Viet Nam. It is a symbol of “peace”.
  • Quynh One of the top five names among Vietnamese girls, the meaning is “deep red”.
  • Thu A female name that originated in Viet Nam. It can mean “autumn or poem”.
  • Tien Rated as a most loved baby girl's name, Tien can mean “angel, fairy, or spirit”. All relate to the innocence of a child.
  • Yen Yen is a popular female Asian name. The translation is “peace” and very fitting for a newborn baby girl.

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