This list of Sanskrit baby names for girls is filled with a delightful selection of feminine options. From Esha to Lavani to Devika, each name is unique and impactful. Take a look and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Aadrika This is a lovely baby girl name that gives honor to the Celestial being, Apsara. An intriguing and thoughtful name for your newborn.
  • Avni A simple female name of Sanskrit origin. The meaning is “the earth”. Other meanings are “the course of a river or the bed of a river”.
  • Bhanavi This is a flowing name that gives grace to nature. Bhanavi means “belongs to the sun” in Sanskrit.
  • Bhavika For the sensitive female that “is full of emotion and expression”. This is a Sanskrit favorite.
  • Charvi A soft and beautiful name, Charvi represents a female newborn of Indian descent. It means “beautiful lady”.
  • Devanshi This is the feminine version of the male name Devansh. Both names mean “one who is a part of the divine being”.
  • Devika A special tribute to a baby girl of Sanskrit origin. Devika stands for “little goddess”.
  • EshaA short and pleasant baby girl name, it is easy to pronounce and remember. It means “wish”.
  • Hansika Meaning “little swan” this Indian name gives a sweet touch to a baby girl. It also flows softly from the lips.
  • Hasini This is a lovely name for a baby girl of Sanskrit origin. Meaning “delightful”, it will always have a special meaning.
  • Iditri A special name should accompany a newborn baby girl and Iditri does just that. Meaning “one worthy of praise”, will always have special meaning.
  • Jigyasa A baby girl name that points toward the future. Jigyasa means “desire to know and learn”, in Sanskrit origin.
  • Kavya A beautiful Indian name fit for a baby girl. The Sanskrit meaning is simply “poem”.
  • Lavani The sound of this name is delightful and perfect for a precious baby girl. It means “grace and beauty”.
  • Malavika A lovely female name of Sanskrit origin. It comes from a “Himalayan plant” and is the name of the heroine of Kalidas's play, Malvika Agnimitra.
  • Namasya This name is common in Hindu nations for females. It means “adoration; reverence”.
  • Nivedita A popular name that originated from Sanskrit. This is a good name for a baby girl that means “one who is entrusted with dedicated service; compassionate”.
  • Pradyusha Also spelled Prathyuksha and Prathyusha, this is a girl's name that is common in Indian, Sanskrit, and Bengali. It means “sunrise”.
  • Rasika A cute feminine name for a girl of Indian descent. It means “graceful and elegant or the juice of sugarcane”.
  • Surabhi A female name with an air of sophistication. Originally from Sanskrit, it means “beautiful; fragrance; springtime”.
  • Talika A pretty female name for a newborn baby girl. The meaning is “Palm of the hand; a medicinal plant; a gemstone or ornament”.
  • Trushita This is an unusual, but pretty female name. Of Sanskrit origin, it means “desirous or thirsty”.
  • Upasana If you are looking for a female baby name that is different from many other names, here is a nice one. Upasana means “worship and adoration”.
  • Yamini This unusual name is a female Sanskrit name that is also known as Yaminee or Yaminni. It means “nocturnal or of the night”.
  • Yashtika A lovely name for an Indian baby girl and the meaning even more fitting. “A string of pearls” describes the name with Sanskrit excellence.

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