This list of girl names that mean bird captures the essence of these beautiful creatures and all of their fascinating features. From Cholena, which simply means “bird,” to Rosella, which refers to a species of parrot,” each of these baby names are delightful and feminine. Take a look and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Aghavni Aghavni is an Armenian name for ‘dove.’ The name is uncommon in the U.S. and is pronounced ah-gahv-nee.
  • Alouette Alouette is an adorable name that will make you smile each time you say it. It's a French name meaning lark.
  • Andlib Andlib is a feminine name of Indian origin. It means ‘bird' or ‘one who is always happy.'
  • AvianaThe name Aviana combines the vintage feel of Ava with the trendy vibe of Ariana. It is the Latin version of Avis, which means bird. Actress Amy Adams and artist Darren Le Gallo gave this name to their daughter.
  • Birdena A close contender to Birdie, Birdena means ‘little bird.' It is a female moniker with German and American roots. Birdene is a variant of this name.
  • Cholena Cholena is a Native American name. It's a perfect girl's name, meaning ‘bird.'
  • Dayah The name Dayah is of Hebrew origin and means ‘bird of prey.' Daya is an alternate spelling.
  • Derora Derora refers to a graceful songbird called the ‘swallow.' It is of Hebrew origin and also means ‘free.'
  • Doli is a Native American Navajo name, meaning ‘bluebird.' It also means ‘gift from God.'
  • Eilley The name Eilley is practically made for a cute little girl. It is of Irish origin and defines a ‘beautiful bird.'
  • Jarita Jarita is a beautiful name of Sanskrit origin. The name refers to a ‘mythical bird’ known for her devotion to her children.
  • JaileneJailene comprises the names Jay and Ailene. It’s an American name that describes a ‘gorgeous bird.’
  • Linnet Linnet is a small bird belonging to the finch family. It's also a female name of Welsh origin.
  • Loa Loa is a Scandinavian name. Pronounced LOO-ah, it means ‘spring bird.'
  • Luscinia Luscinia is a small bird related to the nightingale. It has German, Italian, and Latin roots. In Roman mythology, Luscinia is the goddess who gives newborns their first light.
  • MavisMavis refers to a songbird that makes loud calls. It is of French origin. The name also has Welsh roots and has remained a Top 1000 name in the U.S. since 2016.
  • Nydia Nydia is a Latin name, meaning nest. The name also belongs to Nydia Velazquez, the first female Puerto Rican member of Congress.
  • Palila Palila is a cute name with wings. It means bird in the Hawaiian language.
  • PalomaIf you want to pay homage to your Spanish roots, Paloma is a sweet-sounding name, meaning dove. It's also a symbol of peace.
  • RosellaRosella is a parrot species found in Australia. The name also refers to a ‘rose' and has Latin and French roots.
  • Sarika Sarika is an Indian name that means ‘talking bird.’ It’s also the Hungarian version of the name Sarah.
  • Starling Starling is a bird known for its spotted plumage with a metallic sheen. Variants of the name include Starlyn and Starlin.
  • Sephora Sephora is a simplified version of the Hebrew tzipporah, which means ‘bird.' The name also has Biblical significance as it belonged to Moses' wife.
  • Suzume Suzume is a Japanese name meaning, ‘sparrow.' It's a great alternative to Susan.
  • Usoa Usoa is a Basque name, meaning ‘dove.' It also has African roots and is pronounced yu-so-ah.

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