Few relationships in life are as important as those with our friends. Instill a natural respect for this precious bond in your little one by bestowing on them a name that mean as much. This list of baby names that mean friend is filled with delightful options for both boys and girls. Take a look!

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  • Alden Alden means ‘old, wise friend.' It's a surname and given name derived from the Old English Ealdwine. Although the name works for males and females, it mostly swings toward the male gender.
  • Amit A name of Indian and Hebrew origin, Amit comes from the Sanskrit word amita, which means friend. In Hindi, the name translates to infinite. It is traditionally a male name, but it is becoming among Israeli females.
  • Arvida fitting name for a good friend. It’s rooted in several etymologies, including English, Danish, and German.
  • Baldwin Of German origin, the moniker Baldwin translates to ‘brave friend.' The name suits both genders.
  • BellamyThe moniker Bellamy has English, French, and English origins. This gender-neutral name comes from the surname and refers to a ‘fine friend.'
  • Bonamy You can’t go wrong with a playful name like Bonamy. This French moniker refers to a ‘good friend.’
  • Compagno The name Compagno derives from the Italian surname. It is a blend of three Latin words that translates to ‘good companion.'
  • Corwin Corwin is a cute name for a social butterfly. This gender-fluid name has Irish and English roots and refers to a friend.
  • DakotaThree of the most famous people who bear the name Dakota are female (Fanning, Johnson, and Richards). Even so, parents give this name to both boys and girls equally. This moniker derives from a Native American tribe and exemplifies the ‘friendly one.'
  • Gurmeet From Sanskrit, Gurmeet describes a friend. This Indian moniker also refers to a teacher.
  • Jamani In Swahili, Jamani means ‘honest and loving friend.' You pronounce this name Jah-mah-nee.
  • Karima Karima is one of the Arabic names used to describe Allah. This moniker means ‘generous friend.’
  • Lakota Lakota is a Native American name, meaning ‘friend to us.' The moniker comes from the Lakota tribe of the Great Sioux Nation.
  • Levin Levin provides a modern twist on the Old English Leofwine and the Old German Leobwin. The name means ‘dear friend.'
  • Loyal Loyal is a perfect name for a faithful friend. This unisex name is of English origin.
  • Mehr Mehr is a Persian name, meaning friendship. It also refers to the seventh month of the Persian calendar.
  • Mitra Mitra is an Indian moniker. It stems from the Sanskrit Mithra, which refers to the Hindu god of friendship.
  • Nakotah If you're going to have twins or triplets, think about adding Nakotah to the list. This genderless moniker fits in well with the names Dakota and Lakota. It's one of the three tribes of the Great Sioux Nation and means a ‘friend to all.'
  • Nellwyn Nellwyn is an English-origin name that defines a ‘bright friend.’ It’s a gender-neutral moniker.
  • Rafiki – You may be familiar with the name Rafiki from a character in the movie The Lion King. In the animated film, Rafiki is the shaman of the Pride Lands. This moniker derives from the Kiswahili language and represents a companion.
  • Reuel/Reuelle Pronounced roo-EHL, this Hebrew name means ‘friend of God'. In the Bible, the moniker also refers to Moses' father-in-law Jethro. Parents use Reuel for boys and Reuelle for girls.
  • SamirSamir refers to a ‘friend who loves to entertain.' Generally, parents give this name to boys in Arab-speaking communities. It also means gentle wind.
  • Takoda Wouldn't you love to have an ally named Takoda in your corner? This Sioux origin name represents a ‘friend to everyone.'
  • Texas Besides its standing as the second-largest city in the U.S., Texas is a nonbinary name. It is of Native American origin and comes from a Caddo Indian word that represents friendship. Also, friendship happens to embody the Texas motto.
  • Tomoko Tomoko is a cute name for a chummy tot. This unisex name of Japanese origin means ‘friendly child.'

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