From Neema to Dalila and beyond, this list of Swahili baby names for girls is filled with a beautiful selection of feminine names. Explore the meaning of each, and decide if one of them is the perfect baby name for your daughter!

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  • Adila Adila is a distinctive-sounding female moniker. It is of Swahili origin and means honesty.
  • Alika Alika is a girl's name of Swahili and Hawaiian origin. It translates to truthful or ‘most beautiful.'
  • Asali The name Asali is a sweet-sounding girl's moniker. It has Arabic and Swahili roots and means ‘sweet like honey.'
  • AyannaAyanna is a cute name for a precious bundle of joy. It is a Swahili girl's name that means ‘beautiful flower.’
  • Bahiya- moniker Bahiya has Arabic and Swahili roots. This feminine name means beautiful.
  • Dalila Dalila comes from the Swahili language. It is a feminine moniker that means delicate.
  • Doli Doli is a girl's name that means ‘beautiful like a doll.' It has Swahili and Indian roots.
  • Hiba Hiba is a Swahili girl's name that means ‘a gift from God Bahiya.' It also translates to beautiful or fine-looking.
  • Itanya The origin of Itanya is Swahili. It is a feminine moniker that means hope.
  • Jaha The girl's name Jaha is a variant of the English moniker Jahaira. It is of Africana-Swahili origin and means dignity.
  • Kamili – Kamili has Swahili roots. This sweet-sounding name means perfect.
  • Kakena The name Kakena is a popular Swahilian name generally given to girls. It refers to ‘the happy one.'
  • Marjani Marjani is a feminine Swahili moniker. It is rooted in the Arabic language and translates to coral.
  • Nadira If you're looking for a girl's name that will stand out from the crowd, think about using the moniker Nadira. Not only is it a unique name, but its Swahili definition translates to rare.
  • NalaNala is a multicultural moniker steeped in several languages. The Swahili language refers to the feminine name a queen. It also refers to a gift.
  • Neema Neema is a fun girl's name. It is of Swahili origin and refers to an individual ‘born of prosperous times.
  • NyahNyah is a popular Swahili girl's name that ranks high in the United States. Also spelled Nia (the fifth principle of Kwanzaa), this moniker refers to resolve or brilliance.
  • Oyana For a precious baby girl, the name Oyana seems fitting. It is of Swahili origin and means ‘uplift and inspire.'
  • Sanaa Actress Sanaa Lathan established this Swahili name as a go-to moniker years ago. The name Sanaa means ‘shining light' or refers to a ‘work of art.'
  • Shani Shani is a girl's name with Swahili origins. It is very popular in African cultures and translates to marvelous.
  • Sikudani Pronounced sih-koo-THAH-nee, this moniker makes a melodic choice for a girl. Sikudhani is of Swahili origin and means ‘pleasant surprise.'
  • Subira a girl's moniker that means ‘patience.' It is of Swahili origin.
  • Tabia Tabia is a playful girl's name from the coast of East Africa. In Swahili, the moniker means talents or gifts.
  • ZaharaThe girl's name Zara has roots in Hebrew and Swahili. The Swahili interpretation translates to flower.
  • Zalika The name Zalika is of Swahili and Arabic origin. It is a girl's name that means wellborn.

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