There is perhaps nothing more beautiful than a newborn baby. Gift your daughter a name that means as much to celebrate her entry into the world. This list of girl names that mean beauty is filled with a variety of feminine options that are as beautiful as they are impactful. Take a look!

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  • Astrid – Bookworms may recognize the name Astrid from the author of the Pippi Longstocking books, Astrid Lingren. Also, Astrid was a heroine in the novel, White Oleander by Jane Finch. From Norse roots, the name means ‘divinely beautiful.’ The moniker also has an association with Scandinavian royalty.
  • Bahiyya In the Arabic language, Bahiyya represents beauty. Pronounce this name ba-HEE-yah.
  • BellaThe name Bella is rooted in French and Italian languages. It's a variation of Annabelle and Isabella, meaning beautiful.
  • BonitaBonita is a Spanish name that means pretty. Variants of this name include Benita, Bonnie, and Bonny.
  • CaliCali is a Greek origin name. This girl's moniker is a short version of Caleigh.
  • CallistaCallista is a fitting name for a gorgeous baby girl. It has Greek and French origins and exemplifies beauty.
  • FridaFrida comes from the Old Norse word frior. This beautiful name includes multiple alternate spellings, such as Frieda and Freda.
  • Indira A name of Sanskrit origin, Indira represents beauty. The name also belonged to India's former prime minister, Indira Gandi.
  • JaedaJaeda is a female moniker of Arabic origin. It is an alternate spelling of Jada and means ‘long-necked beauty.'
  • Jolie This pretty girl's name derives from the French word joli. It's also the middle name of Angelina Jolie, who dropped her last name, Voight.
  • Keeva Keeva is an adorable feminine moniker. It comes from the Irish name Caoimhe, which happens to be a top-ranking girl's name in Ireland.
  • Kyomi Kyomi is a Japanese girl's name meaning ‘pure and beautiful.' The moniker combines kiyo (pure) and mi (beauty).
  • Linda Linda is a girl's name that has stood the test of time. It's rooted in several languages, but the Spanish meaning translates to pretty.
  • Mei – Mei is the Chinese version of May. Depending on the characters used, Mei means beautiful or the fifth month.
    Mika – The moniker Mika is of Japanese origin. It refers to a ‘beautiful fragrance.'
    Miyuki – Miyuki is a cute name for a little princess. The moniker is pronounced mee-YOO-kee and typifies ‘beautiful happiness' in Japanese.
  • Naamah/Na'amah Naamah is a female name of Hebrew origin. The moniker symbolizes many feminine attributes from the Bible, such as ‘sweetness, beauty, and grace.'
  • Nayana Nayana refers to a person with ‘alluring or beautiful eyes.' The moniker is of Indian origin and stems from the Sanskrit moniker Naina.
  • Nomi moniker Nomi is a cross-cultural name with Hebrew and Japanese roots. It symbolizes ‘beauty and pleasantness.'
  • Sena Sena has roots in Korean, Hindi, Arabic, and African cultures. The moniker has multiple meanings, including ‘beauty and grace.'
  • Shayna- is a feminine moniker favored in Jewish communities. It's a Yiddish-origin name meaning beautiful. Shaina is a variant of this name.
  • Tove Pronounced Tov-eh, this modern Scandinavian moniker has Swedish and Norwegian roots. It comes from the Old Norse name Tofa, meaning beauty.
  • Venus – In Roman mythology, Venus is the name of the goddess of beauty and love. This name is of Latin origin. Tennis champion Venus Williams also carries this moniker.
    Yamileth – Yamileth is a good choice for parents seeking a unique feminine name. This girl moniker derives from the Arabic language.
  • ZainaZaina is a short form of Zaynab and Zainabu. In Arabic and Swahili languages, it means ‘beauty and grace.'

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