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Frida is on a comeback in America. This baby name comes from traditional Europe, but it is most famous for Frida Kahlo. As of 2021, Frida is a top 1,000 option for girls after first appearing on the Social Security Popularity Index in 2001.

Meaning of the name Frida:

German: peace

Origin of the name Frida:

Frida is an ancient Germanic baby name. It began as a nickname for longer options containing the “frid” element. “Frid” translates to “peace” in the Germanic language. Frida spread to Scandinavian and Norse cultures, playing on the old cognate Frioa. Frida spread throughout the world in the last couple of centuries, including in Mexico, as with the famous artist Frida Kahlo.

Symbolism of the name Frida:

Frida translates to “peace” in the Germanic language. It comes from the Germanic word “frid,” which means “peace.” Frida has the same translation as other feminine names in Europe that use the “frid” element.

Style of the name Frida:


Gender of the name Frida:

Frida is a wholesome name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Frida:


Number of syllables in the name Frida:


Emotion evoked from the name Frida:

Frida feels wholesome and youthful. It is a natural and simple baby name.

Alternative spellings for the name Frida:

  • Frieda
  • Freida
  • Freda
  • Fryda
  • Fryeda

Nicknames for the name Frida:

  • Fri
  • Ida 
  • Rida
  • Fifi
  • Fridita

Popularity of the name Frida:

Frida was first a top 1,000 baby name in America in 2001 at rank 912. It continues to be on the Social Security Popularity Index. As of 2021, it is a top 1,000 baby name at rank 973. Frida ranked highest in 2003 at number 648.

Related names for the name Frida:

Great middle names for Frida and their meanings:

  • Harriet (home ruler)
  • Ruth (compassionate friend)
  • Charlotte (free man, petite)
  • Lenore (light)
  • Adelaide (noble natured)
  • Ines (holy, pure, chaste)
  • Adele (noble, nobility)
  • Dolores (sorrows)

Famous people with the name Frida:

  • Frida Kahlo (painter)
  • Frida Hansdotter (Olympic ski racer)
  • Frida Gustavsson (model)
  • Frida Giannini (fashion designer)
  • Frida Boccara (pop singer)
  • Frida Hyvonen (singer, songwriter)

Fridas in popular culture:

  • Frida Watts (character from “Airhead”)
  • Frida Goth (character from “The Sims” game)
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