From Bailey, which means “officer of justice,” to Noriko, which means “law and order,” and every beautiful option in between, this list of baby names that mean justice vast and variety-filled. Explore the meanings and origins of the names below, and see if you can find the perfect fit for your baby.

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  • Adel Adel is the German take on the Arabic name Adil. It also has roots in other languages. In Islamic theology, this unisex moniker means ‘God's divine justice.'
  • Ambriel Ambriel is a gender-neutral name first recorded in the United States in 1885. It is of Hebrew origin and refers to the ‘angel of communication' who seeks justice, wards off evil, and helps people achieve inner peace.
  • Ashtad The name Ashtad isn't a name you hear often. Still, it means ‘justice’ in Farsi. It also symbolizes an angel.
  • BaileyThe moniker Bailey is fitting for boys and girls. It derives from the Old French word ‘ballif', referring to ‘an officer of justice' or the ‘king's court.'
  • Billie You can trace the name Billie back to German and Hebrew languages. This gender-neutral name derives from William and Wilhelmenia. It means ‘defender of justice.’
  • Chun-hee With a name like Chun-hee, your offspring may grow up to render ‘gracious justice.' This Korean name works for a male or female.
  • Dabney The moniker Dabney stems from Latin and Old French. It comes from the 13th-century surname Daubeny, representing ‘one who renders justice.'
  • DanaDana has multiple origins and definitions. One interpretation is ‘God is my judge.’
  • DannyThe name Danny has been around since the Middle Ages. This is another Hebrew name that means ‘God is my judge.' It's a derivative of the names Daniel and Danielle.
  • Dharma In Buddhism, Dharma is symbolic of ‘cosmic law and order.’ It’s also a genderless name that represents ‘divine justice.’
  • Ejiofor If you're looking for a name that stands out from the crowd, Ejiofor makes a good option. Pronounced edge-e-oh-four, this genderless moniker comes from the Igbo language. It's a popular Nigerian surname and also a given name, meaning ‘justice.'
  • Forseti Forseti is an Old Norse name. It means ‘God of justice and reconciliation.’
  • JusticeFrom an occupational surname, Justice means ‘judge’ or ‘officer of justice.’ It has Latin, Old French, and English roots. In the U.S., a statue of Lady Justice stands in most courthouses to convey ‘impartiality and fairness.’
  • Justise Justise offers a stylish spin on the name Justice. It is a genderless name of French and English origins, meaning ‘fair and true.'
  • Matoya Matoya is a Japanese name that belongs to either gender. It means ‘arrow and justice.'
  • Minkah Minkah is such a cute name for a boy or girl. This African moniker means ‘justice.'
  • Nashah Nashah is a Persian name for either gender. It refers to a ‘judge' or ‘person who treats others with fairness.'
  • Nima With a name like Nima, your child may grow up to ‘treat others right and fair.' This Persian moniker works for males and females.
  • Noriko Noriko is a feminine name of Japanese origin. It means ‘law and order.'
  • Prama Prama is a unisex name that originates from the Hindi language. It means ‘knowledge of truth' or ‘one who loves justice.'
  • Qiniso Qiniso means ‘truth and justice.’ It originates from the Zulu language and is pronounced kin-i-so.
  • Themis The name Themis is quite fitting for a righteous tot. In Greek mythology, Themis is the ‘goddess of justice.' Like Lady Justice, she wears a mask on her eyes and carries scales.
  • Zaccai Zaccai is a genderless name from the Bible. It means ‘just and fair' in Hebrew. The name also symbolizes purity.
  • Zheng Zheng is of Chinese origin. This unisex name means ‘justice.’
  • Zidkijah Zidkijah is a gender-neutral name. It comes from the Hebrew name Tsidqiyah, meaning ‘justice of the Lord.'

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