Every parent envisions a long and healthy life for their child — free of harm and any indignities. Lay the foundation for a long and happy life for your daughter with one of these girl names that mean pure. From Inez to Anice and beyond, each is impactful and feminine. Take a look!

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  • Adara Pronounced a-DAH-rah, this feminine moniker means ‘noble, exalted, virgin.' The name Adara has roots in Greek and Hebrew languages.
  • AlanaThere are various etymologies contributed to the name Alana. From the Gaelic text, Alana symbolizes ‘purity and serenity.'
  • Amala- refers to ‘one who is spotless.' The name comes from Sanskrit.
  • Anice Anice has roots in many languages. The Greek interpretation means purifying.
  • Bruriah Pronounced B-ruhr-a-yah, this name is of Hebrew origin, meaning pure, clean. In Talmudic literature, Bruriah is a noted scholar and the wife of Rabbi Meir.
  • Cadi Cadi is a feminine moniker. It's of Welsh origin and refers to a ‘pure woman.'
  • Candace Candace is a female name of Latin origin, conveying ‘purity and sincerity.' In the Bible, Candace is a title given to Ethiopian queens. It's also a popular name used by the Puritans after the Protestant Reformation.
  • Cait A twist on the Irish form of Kate, Cait means ‘purified or free of shame.' Also, it's a diminutive of Caitlin and Caitlyn.
  • ChasityChasity is a variation of Chastity, which is synonymous with purity. The moniker entered the English lexicon in the 13th century from the Latin adjective castus.
  • Concetta Concetta is a feminine moniker of Italian origin. The name derives from the Latin word concepto, which describes the Immaculate Conception. Famous people who bear the name include American actress Concetta Tomei; and American scientist Concetta DiRusso.
  • CristalThe Greek take on Crystal. This feminine moniker describes a clear or transparent mineral. It also refers to a ‘pure-hearted person.'
  • Glenys Glenys is a 19th-century female moniker, meaning ‘pure and holy.' It is of Welsh origin and a variation of Glynis.
  • InezLooking for an alternative to the name Agnes? Inez is the Spanish version. From the Portuguese, it translates to ‘one who is gentle and pure.' Other spellings include Ines, Ynes, and Ynez.
  • Karen Karen, a well-known name in the U.S., is the Danish short form of Katherine. It comes from the Greek root Katharos, meaning ‘pure.' But be careful when choosing this name. Unfortunately, the moniker also describes a chronic complainer. Still, fads come and go. Perhaps, the stigma will have disappeared by the time your baby girl grows up.
  • KatyaKatya is a Russian name of Greek origin. It suggests the bearer of the moniker is ‘purified or free of guilt.'
  • Kitty Kitty is a diminutive of Katherine or Catherine. The name is of Greek origin and means ‘pure or clean.'
  • Kyomi- is a feminine moniker of Japanese origin. It combines Kyo, meaning purify, and mi, which denotes beauty.
  • Lucasta Lucasta was introduced to the world in 1649 via Richard Lovelace's collection of poems. Lucasta was a pet name for his beloved Lucy Sacheverel. This moniker is of Latin origin and blends lux and castus, meaning ‘pure light.'
  • PhoebePhoebe derives from the Ancient Greek Phoibe, meaning ‘prophetic or pure one.' The Apostle Paul describes the deaconess Phoebe as radiant and bright.
  • Tahira Tahira is the feminine form of Tahir. The moniker is of Arabic origin, meaning ‘virtuous, or chaste.'
  • Vesta Vesta is of Latin origin. In Roman mythology, Vesta is a goddess whose presence is symbolized by ‘purifying fire.'
  • Vimala Vimala is a feminine Hindi name. You pronounce this Indian-origin name Viy-Mah-Laa, meaning ‘pure, holy, untarnished.'
  • Virginie A variant of Virginia, Virginie is a French moniker of Latin origin. The name refers to a ‘maid or virgin.'
  • Zekia For parents looking for a refined Jamaican name, Zekia makes perfect sense. It's a variant of the Arabic moniker Zakiya and represents a ‘pious, untainted, or innocent' girl.
  • Zelenka Zelenka is a beautiful name of Czech origin. It means ‘fresh or innocent.' People also use Zelenka to describe something new or green.

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