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The first individual you may think of when you hear the name Phoebe is Phoebe Buffay on “Friends”. Though this show is more modern, the name Phoebe has been around since ancient Greece. It was actually the nickname for the goddess Artemis.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Phoebe:

Phoebe was the Greek version of the baby name Phoibos in Latin. Phoibos also meant bright. The Greek people used the name Phoebe as a nickname for the goddess Artemis. It grew in popularity through the Christian church as Phoebe was a deaconess, but in more recent years, Phoebe became popular due to the show “Friends”. The name means “radiant, shining one, bright”.

Symbolism of the Name Phoebe:

In Greek mythology, Artemis was a prized goddess as she was ruler over the hunt and moon and was one of the most powerful. Phoebe became an appropriate name for Artemis as the moon gives the light in the darkness.

Nicknames for the Name Phoebe:

Phoebe has a lot of cute nicknames associated with it! Names like P.B. and Bumblebee are absolutely adorable. If you want something more classic, there are options for that too. Check out the full list:

  • Fee
  • Febes
  • Febe
  • Fifi
  • Phee
  • Pheebs
  • Bee
  • BB
  • Pho
  • Eve 
  • P.B.
  • Pea
  • Bumblebee
Baby name Phoebe

Style of the Name Phoebe:


Gender of the Name Phoebe:

Phoebe is a name used for girls.

Pronunciation of the Name Phoebe:


Number of Syllables in the Name Phoebe:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Phoebe:

Phoebe is a baby name that feels playful and young. It is kind-hearted and natural as well.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Phoebe:

  • Phebe
  • Pheobe
  • Pheby
  • Phebe
  • Feby
  • Fhebe

Popularity of the Name Phoebe:

The baby name Phoebe has had years where it was on the top 1,000 list of the Social Security Index and years where it was not. The highest this name has ranked is in the top 250 list. This has only occurred in the past year, with Phoebe ranking at number 214 in 2022.

Great Middle Names for Phoebe and Their Meanings:

Famous People with the Name Phoebe:

  • Phoebe Cates (actress, “Paradise”)
  • Phoebe Gilman (children's author, “Jillian Jiggs”)
  • Phoebe Mills (Olympic athlete)
  • Phoebe Philo (fashion designer)
  • Phoebe Snow (songwriter, “Poetry Man”)
  • Phoebe Tonkin (actress, “The Originals”)
  • Phoebe Mosey (birth name of Annie Oakley)
  • Phoebe Buffay (character from “Friends”)
  • Phoebe Wallingford (character from “All my Children”)
  • Phoebe Terese (character from “Magic School Bus”)
  • Phoebe Caulfield (character in “Catcher in the Rye”)
  • Phoebe Lichten (character from “Phoebe in Wonderland”)
  • Phoebe Winterbottom (character in “Walk Two Moons”)
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