Birds are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. They're graceful, colorful and unique. Celebrate all of these qualities by giving your child one of these baby names that mean bird. There are options for both boys and girls, complete with meaning and origin. Explore your options to find the best name for your little one.

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  • Aquila Aquila is a Latin name that means ‘eagle.’ The name also refers to an eagle-shaped constellation.
  • Bird Bird comes from the occupational surname Byrd, meaning ‘bird catcher.’ It also refers to a person with bird-like characteristics. Birdie is a variant of this name.
  • CorbinCorbin is a nonbinary name, referring to a ‘black-feathered bird' like a raven or crow. It has Latin, Old French, and Middle English roots.
  • Deryn Deryn is the Welsh word for ‘bird.' It is a genderless name and a variant of Aderyn. Famous Deryns include Welsh poet Deryn Rees-Jones and Welsh football player Deryn Brace.
  • Dove The gentle dove represents peace. Dove is also a unisex name that was popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. It has English and German origins and also refers to a shade of gray.
  • Eagle A diminutive of the Latin Aquila, Eagle refers to a ‘keen observer.' Some people use it as a nickname, but with the current naming trend, it makes a suitable name for a boy or girl.
  • Enda Enda is a gender-neutral name with Irish and Estonian roots. Parents in Irish communities favor the name for boys. In Estonian cultures, parents prefer Enda for girls. Ireland’s former Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, bears this name.
  • Falcon Falcon, as in ‘a bird in the hawk family,' makes a sound choice for a boy or girl. This bird has exceptional speed, sharp eyesight, and superior hunting skills. It represents dominance and victory.
  • Fukuro Fukuro means, ‘owl,' pointing to a strong, silent type. Owls have feathers that allow them to fly without making a sound. This Japanese moniker works for both genders.
  • Gannet Gannet is a genderless moniker of Old German origin. The name refers to a ‘sea bird' or ‘goose.'
  • Ibis The name Ibis has Latin origins. It’s a unisex name, referring to a ‘long-legged bird’ that inhabits the wetlands.
  • Jay Jay refers to a ‘bird species' with beautiful blue plumage. Variants of this Latin name include Jae and Jai. This moniker remained popular from the mid-50s to the 70s. It has since been replaced by longer forms like Jaylen and Jayden.
  • Kestrel Kestrel is an unconventional moniker from Old French. It’s a genderless name that refers to a ‘small, colorful falcon.’
  • Lark Every family needs a Lark in their lives. The name refers to a playful songbird. Plus, the English origin moniker is gender-neutral, so you can give it to a boy or girl.
  • MerleMerle comes from the Old French, meaning ‘blackbird.' It is a variant of Merrill and Muriel and suits males and females.
  • Nesta- name Nesta brings to mind a ‘bird's nest.' It was initially a girl’s name. But that changed when Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale gave the name to their son. If you prefer a more masculine form, try the Greek moniker, Nestor.
  • RavenAlthough Raven is a gender-neutral moniker, most parents give the name to females. In 2020, the name ranked 418 for girls but didn't even break the Top 1000 for boys. In Native American communities, ravens symbolize wisdom and respect.
  • Robin Originally, Robin was a nickname for boys named Robert. Now, it’s used for both genders. Notable people with this name include newscaster Robin Robertson and singer Robin Thicke.
  • Sora In Japanese, Sora means ‘sky.’ Not only does this unisex name refer to the place birds like to fly, but it is also the name of a North American bird native to marshy areas.
  • Sparrow From the Old English spearwa, Sparrow symbolizes ‘love and a spiritual connection.' Nicole Richie and Joel Madden gave this gender-neutral name to their son.
  • Teal Teal is not only a color, it is also the name of a ‘wild duck.' The moniker works for males and females.
  • Torio Torio is a Japanese name that means ‘bird's tail.' The Spanish version, Torrio, means ‘victor.'
  • Vega Vega originates from Arabic. It is a genderless name, popular in Spain and Scandinavia. The name, which means ‘swooping eagle,’ also points to ‘the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra.’
  • WrenWren is an English-origin name, referring to a meaning ‘small bird.' In 2020, there were 150 boys and 850 girls named Wren in the United States.
  • Zitkaduta Zitkaduta is a Native American name given to both boys and girls. It means ‘red bird.'

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