From Branley, which means “raven meadow,” to Bartram, which means “bright raven,” each of these baby names that mean raven are unique and impactful. Explore the meanings and origins of each and select an option that suits your new baby best.

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  • Brainard The name Brainard is most commonly used for boys. It means “bold raven” and has English origins. Brainard is a name brought to England from Normandy after the Norman Conquest of 1066.
  • Zitkala This unique name has Native American origins and means “little bird.”
  • Faodhagain This name has Irish origins. It means “raven, battle.” Those named Faodhagain are often said to be creative and outspoken.
  • Kairi The name Kairi means “bird.” It has Japanese origins. People named Kiari enjoy a unique, modern, sweet-sounding name.
  • Raben A variant of the word raven, the name Raben is a Germanic personal name. It is derived from the Jewish name Robin.
  • Bartram This name for boys means “bright raven.” It has Scandinavian origins.
  • Fechin This Irish baby name means “little raven.” It is a gender-neutral name often unheard of outside of Ireland.
  • Karasu This gender-neutral Japanese name means “crow.” The name is heard in the popular anime series, Naruto.
  • RavenWhat better name for a baby meaning “raven” than the actual word itself? Raven is most commonly used as a name for girls but is suitable as a name for boys.
  • Angwusnasomtaqu A six-syllable name for a girl or boy with Native American origins. This name means “crow mother spirit.” Rarely will you hear this name outside of Native American tribes.
  • Enara The name Enara is intriguing. It has a Basque background and means “bird.”
  • Robin A gender-neutral name, Robin is the feminine version of the name Robert. It means “bird”. In the 1960s the name was most popular but is still used today.
  • Fei This is a name for boys and girls. It means “dance in the air; winged,” which perfectly describes the raven bird. Fei is a simple name that you don't hear every day.
  • Branley Most commonly used as a boy's name, Branley means “raven meadow.” It comes from English origins. Children named Branley often grow up to be well-spoken, generous with their time, and energetic.
  • Korbin An excellent name choice for a boy or a girl, Korbin means “raven-haired.” The name was most popular in 2016, though is still used in 2022.
  • Starling Starling is a darling name that means “a bird.” It comes from English origins.
  • Bayak Bayak is a native American name meaning “raven” in the Quileute tribes. The name is mostly used to name boys. It is a strong name given to a boy who will grow to be a powerful, confident leader.
  • TalonThis name has a bit of a dark definition. It means “the large claw of a bird of prey.” The name has French origins where it is a popular name with parents.
  • Deryl This name can be pronounced and spelled several ways, including Darrell. It means “bird” and has Greek origins.
  • Sparrow The name of Nichole Ritchie's newborn baby, Sparrow works as a name for girls or boys. It is the name of a large bird and means “a bird in the finch family.”
  • Brennus The name Brennus has several meanings, including “king, prince, or raven.” It is the Latinized form of a Celtic name.
  • Manu Meaning “bird of the night,” Manu can also mean “a ruler of the world.” This name has Hindu origins.
  • Efron This name is used as a surname but is gaining popularity as a first name. It means “blackbird” and has Biblical origins.
  • Circe An unusual name for boys or girls, Circe is derived from the Greek word Kirke and means “bird.”
  • Oriol The name Oriol means “golden” in Latin. It is also the name of a black bird native to North America. The name can be used for boys but is most commonly used as a name for girls.

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