From Sambor to Gatlin to Brody and beyond, each of these boy names that mean lonely is somber and moody. While some names mean alone, others give nod to the sentiment of loneliness. Explore the names — complete with meaning and origin — to find the perfect name for you child.

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  • Sambor – This headstrong baby name will be perfect for a little boy with spirit. It means “to fight alone” and comes from the Slavic words sam (“alone”) and bor (“fight”).
  • Diggory – Though much beloved of fictional characters in Harry Potter and Thr Chronicles of Narnia, Diggory is a real, French-based name, and it means “lost one.”
  • Wadih Wadih is a boy's name of Arabic origins. It means “alone” or “one who seeks solitude.”
  • Dougal Meaning “dark stranger” in its native land of Scotland, Dougal could be a name that hints at isolation and loneliness without outright meaning it.
  • Karikoga Karikoga is a beautifully unique baby name that can celebrate any African heritage that you might have. It means “loner,” and it hails from the Shona people of Zimbabwe.
  • Gatlin Gatlin is an English name that means “wandering man,” so if you're thinking about names that mean “lost,” “alone,” or “distant,” it could be a viable option.
  • Aarick The exact translation of Aarick is disputed, but it means something like “lone ruler” or “eternal ruler” in Old Norse, suggesting a high and lonely god.
  • Solitaire This one might get jokes about the card game, but when you think about it, it's not so different from names like Alistair in terms of phonology.
  • BrodyBrody is another name that means “island,” but this one is more common than most. It's also unisex if you're looking for a gender-neutral name!
  • Qazaq – Qazaq is an old, old name from the Middle East. While its exact etymology has been lost to time, it's usually thought to stem from the Turkish word qaz meaning “wanderer,” “free,” “alone,” and “independent.”
  • Thiraiyan Coming from the Tamil language, Thiraiyan means “one who keeps his distance from others,” which is just a fancy way of saying “alone.”
  • Mykelti Mykelti is a beautiful baby name that means “silent friend” in Native American Blackfeet tribes. It was popularized by actor Mykelti Williamson.
  • Ryo Pronounced ROH, Ryo is a Japanese name with many potential meanings based on the characters that it's written with, but common ones include “distant,” “cold,” and “defy.”
  • Zephan Zephan means “God has hidden,” which sounds just about perfect for a solitary person. Variations include Zephaniah and Zephon.
  • Faro An unusual name even in its native country of Italy, Faro means “lighthouse” and can be used to bring to mind solitary lighthouses on craggy seashores.
  • Degare – Degare comes from the French word egare meaning “lost,” “astray,” or “missing,” all of which have similar vibes as “alone.” Sir Degare was once a character in an old medieval poem from Breton.
  • Darnell Darnell is derived from old English and means “hidden spot.” It could be a blessing for an introvert who likes his alone time.
  • Ezhno Meaning “alone,” “only,” or “solitary,” Ezhno could be a very meaningful name for your first or only son. You don't usually hear it outside of Native American tribes, but that just makes it even more unique.
  • Vidar This powerful name springs from Old Norse. Despite its might, however, it means “quiet god,” suggesting a more lonesome figure than your usual Norse warriors.
  • Faolan – Pronounced FAY-lan or FEE-lan, this Irish Gaelic name means “little wolf.” Its root word is the Gaelic fáel or “wolf.”
  • Perdido Perdido is another name that means “lost,” though it isn't as well-known as its feminine version Perdita. They both come from Spanish.
  • Raz Raz is a shortened form of Raziah. Meaning “the Lord's secret,” it's a Hebrew name with a lot of cross-cultural appeal.
  • Charaka Another name that means “wanderer,” Charaka comes from the Hindi language, and it's masculine despite the “-a” ending.
  • TristanThough it's a trendy baby name today, Tristan has very old roots in Celtic and Gaelic countries. It means “tumult,” “outcry,” or simply “sorrow,” but its most famous bearer comes from the tragic story of Tristan and Isolde.
  • Nirav Nirav comes from Sanskrit and means “quiet.” It could be a gentle boy's name compared to a rough-and-tumble ones.

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