Each of these boy names that mean misfortune is unique and hard-hitting. From Nemo to Ares to Tavarious and beyond, find the perfect-fitting name for your new son.

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  • AresMost famous as the Greek god of war, Ares actually means “bane” or “ruin” in accordance with the destruction that he so often heralds.
  • Malvolio Rolling off the tongue in its native language of Italian, Malvolio means “ill will.” The feminine version is Malvolia.
  • Tavarious Tavarious is often translated as “misfortune,” but it's actually closer to “one who has no luck” in the original Aramaic. Other spellings include Tavares, Tavarious, and Tavariss.
  • Paine – Also spelled Payne, this Latin-based name comes from the word paganus meaning “pagan” or “heathen.” Misfortune can often come in the form of being an outsider.
  • Tuwile Dark and foreboding, Tuwile is a name from Kenya. It means “death is inevitable.”
  • Samael Also spelled Samil, Samiel, and Smal, Samael is the name of a demonic archangel. It literally means “venom/poison of God,” so any boy with this name won't be one to cross.
  • Kaliya Its spelling might look feminine, but Kaliya is actually a male name of Indian origin, and it means “death,” “time,” or “end of time.”
  • Gershon The nice translation for Gershon is “wanderer.” A grimmer version is “one in exile.”
  • Baladan – Baladan is a intriguing baby name. The bal means “bad” or “evil” in Hebrew, but it's also part of the verb ba'al meaning “to rule or have dominion over.” Either way, it's a powerful name.
  • Brutus Brutus means “heavy” in Latin, but most people will recognize it more for Marcus Junius Brutus, the man who betrayed Julius Caesar.
  • Bram – While there's nothing wrong with the name Bram, it's also the name of Dracula author Bram Stroker, so it has a cool and spooky feeling to it.
  • Abaddon Abaddon is a terrifying name straight out of the Bible. It means “doom” or “destruction” and can refer to both a place of evil and the archangel of the abyss.
  • Nemo Forget the fish. In its original Greek, the name Nemo was a strikingly melancholy name that meant “nobody.”
  • Foley Originating in Ireland, Foley means “plunderer.” Though it has a slightly negative connotation, it can be a fitting choice for a chaotic little boy with a lot of energy.
  • BrennanDerived from old Gaelic, Brennan is a baby boy name that means “sadness” or “sorrow.”
  • OsirisOsiris is the Egyptian god of life, death, and resurrection. He had the misfortune of being cut into pieces by his brother Set until his wife Isis put him back together and revived him.
  • Damien – Though it's most commonly associated with the devil thanks to the little boy Antichrist in The Omen, Damien is actually derived from the Greek word Damianus, which means “to tame” or “to subdue.”
  • Ransom Ransom can be a fun and quirky name for your son. Its old English meaning translates to something like “shield's son,” but in modern times, it'll bring to mind the wild danger of crime.
  • Nerezza This is a baby name that's just plain cool. Originating in Italy, Nerezza means “darkness.”
  • Devland Devland is a baby boy name from Ireland. It means simply “misfortune.”
  • Ichabod Another name made famous by literature, Ichabod is older than you might think, dating back to ancient Hebrew and meaning “inglorious,” “there is no glory,” or “the glory is gone.”
  • Acheros Acheros is a boy's name from Latin America. Though it doesn't quite mean “misfortune,” it does mean “river of sorrow,” which is similar.
  • Fachnan An unusual Irish name, Fachnan means “malicious.” It used to be quite popular, though it's become somewhat obscure in recent years.
  • Mortimer – An old-fashioned name, Mortimer comes from the Latin word mort which means “death.” Mort itself can also be a nickname.
  • Byron Its meaning is normal, but since Byron has come to be associated with the tragic 18th century poet Lord Byron, it's definitely a moody kind of name.

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