Every parent knows that a mischievous child will keep you on your toes. Mischief is defined as “playful misbehavior.” Take from that what you will, but if you're looking to capture that playfulness, then check out this list of baby names that mean mischief. You may just find the perfect name for your little one!

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  • Hatitosa This name means “Not afraid of troubles.” It is most often a name for girls. Those with this name are said to be easy-going, sensible, and creative. They're social and oftentimes love art.
  • Akuji If you want a girl's name of African origin, consider the name Akuji. The name is cute and fun, meaning “dead and awake,” a bit of a dark definition of a mischievous person.
  • Weylin This name for boys can alternatively be spelled Waylon or even Weylan. The name means “son of the wolf,” one of the most feared animals of the wild. The name is not unheard of but rarely used. It has an Old English origin.
  • Pyro Pyro means “fire.” It comes from the Greek word pyr. The name is rare but when used, it's mostly a name for boys.
  • Jaser This awesome boy's name means “fearless,” a quality a mischievous boy needs to thrive. Boys with this name are said to be courageous, natural-born leaders, entrepreneurs, and successful.
  • Alonso A name for boys meaning “ready to fight,” Alonso has Spanish and German origins. In 2020, 239 babies in the U.S. were given the name Alonso.
  • ErisA name of Greek origin, Eris means “Goddess of discord,” a perfectly fitting name for your mischievous girl.
  • Rebel The unique name Rebel can be used to name a girl or boy. Babies with this name share it with actress Rebel Wilson, among others. It means “defiant” and has English origin.
  • BlaiseA gender-neutral name meaning “fire,” Blaise works perfectly for hyper, happy babies. It has Latin origins.
  • LokiOf Scandinavian origin, the name Loki suits a girl or boy. The name means “trickster.” The name was popularized by The Avengers movie with the character, Loki.
  • Abhey The Indian name Abhey means “Fearless, brave, courageous.” It is a popular name in India but definitely gives you something unique outside the country.
  • Binsah This beautiful name for girls means “she who is fearless.” A mischievous girl certainly does not hold fear in her heart. The name has Indian origin.
  • Tempest This name has English origins and means “a storm or a lack of clam.” She will share a name with actress Tempestt Bledsoe.
  • AidenA popular name meaning “the fiery one,” Aiden has roots in Irish mythology. In 2020, Aiden was the 24th most popular name in the U.S. The name is gender-neutral as well.
  • Sujah This name has Indian origins. It means “A brave and fearless boy.” Mischievous boys often fear nothing, making this unusual name a good pick.
  • Vivi A gender-neutral name, Vivi is edgy and modern. It means “lively” and is a shortened version of the name Vivian. It has a Latin origin.
  • CameronThe name Cameron means “followed a crooked path.” The name has Irish origins.
  • Kolohe This name sounds similar to Khloe but is far more exotic. The name means “mischief, naughty or unethical.” It has Hawaiian origins. Most often used to name girls, it can also work as a name for boys.
  • Desdemona This unique name means “ill-starred, unlucky, miserable.” It has Greek origins. The name sounds dark and evil.
  • Leesi A cute name for girls meaning “bad woman.” The name has African origins.
  • Boris The name Boris is used as a name for boys most often but can also be used as a girl's name. It means “to fight” and has Turkish origins. The name is most often linked to Prime Minister Boris Yeltsin, former President of Russia, and Boris Johnson, current Prime Minister of the UK.
  • Prett The name Prett is derived from the Old English word preatt and means “clover trickster, tricky, clever.” Parents do not often choose this name, so it's perfect for parents looking for something original.
  • Makalo This name has Hawaiian origin. It means “full of surprises.” This name can be given to boys or girls though most often used for boys.
  • Kaylus A gender-neutral baby name, Kaylus means “trouble maker” and has English origin.
  • Mala This name is most commonly used as a name for girls. It means “the bad one,” a term many parents give to at least one of their crew. It has English origins.

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