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The name Aiden was derived from the Celtic god of fire that was named Aodhan. The ancient Celts used the name Aiden as a nickname of sorts for this ancient god. That is why the translation is “little fire” or “little fiery one,” as it was considered a lesser term than the name Aodhan. This name stuck with those who had respect for their god, and it is still one of the most popular names used today. Here are some more interesting things to know about the baby name Aiden.

Meaning of the name Aiden:

Gaelic and Irish: fiery or little fiery one
Celtic and American: fire

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Origin of the name Aiden:

The origin of the baby name Aiden is based on Celtic and Gaelic traditions out of Ireland. The name Aiden specifically was made from Aodhan for its first origin, who was a Celtic angel who received its name from Aodh, a Celtic god. Aodhan, in reality, however, was a high kind of ancient Ireland. St. Aidan of Lindisfarne was a 7th-century monk who made the name Aiden increasingly popular among his society. The name increased in popularity in modern times with the introduction of a character named Aiden, who popularized this new spelling too, in Sex in the City.

Symbolism of the name Aiden:

Aodh, the Celtic god who the angel Aodhan received his name, was the god over the sun and the fire. When a child was named, in those days, Aidan, he became a gift of sorts from this Celtic god aforementioned. St. Aidan of Lindisfarne increased the popularity of this name as this monk was known for being kind and generous to others.

Style of the name Aiden:

The style of the name Aiden is very classic. One could even say the style was traditional though due to the popularity of the name in the early church.

Gender of the name Aiden:

M/F in more recent years, but the gender was originally male.

Pronunciation of the name Aiden:


Number of syllables in the name Aiden:

There are two syllables in the baby name Aiden.

Emotion evoked from the name Aiden:

The name Aiden feels sophisticated in a way, especially when considering its origin. It also gives off a sense of mischievousness, affection, and joy.

Alternative spellings for Aiden:

Aidan, Aden, Adin, Aydan, Ayden, Aeddan, Aydan, Aydin, Aidyn, and Adan.

Nicknames for the name Aiden:

There are plenty of nicknames for any gender with the name Aiden including Addie, Ade, Aide, Den, Denny, Aye, Aidy, Aidy Boo, Aido, Ed, and AD. These nicknames only name a few of those that are available, however.

Popularity of the name Aiden:

According to the Social Security Index, the name Aiden did not rise in popularity until around 25 years ago when it reached a place on the top 1,000 names in 1995. In the year 2008, the name was on the top 20 list, and in the year 2010, it became a top 10 name. As of the year 2021, the name Aiden is listed as number 22 of all of the boy names.

Related Names for Aiden:

Names that are similar to Aiden include Dan, Aiken, Airen, Arden, Bradan, Brayden, Caden, Eiden, Hayden, Jadan, Kayden, Raiden, Zaiden, Finn, Ian, Liam, Mason, Ronan, and Ryan.

Great middle names for Aiden and their meaning:

Famous people with the name Aiden:

  • Aiden McGeady (Soccer player for Republic of Ireland and Sunderland)
  • Aiden Grimshaw (Actor, Half Moon Investigations)
  • Aiden “A.W.” Tozer (Pastor, author)
  • Aiden Cairns (Rugby player for New South Wales)
  • Aiden Stewart (Son of musician Rod Stewart)
  • Aidan Alexander (English actor, The Borgias)
  • Aidan Girt (Drummer, Godspeed You!)
  • Aiden O'Brien (Soccer player for Sunderland)
  • Aiden Butterworth (Soccer player for Leeds United)

Aidens in movies/pop culture:

  • Aiden is the name of one of the main characters in a book that is called The Secret of Kells.
  • Aiden Shaw is one of the love interests who is competing for the interest of one of the ladies in the movie and in the television show that is known as Sex and the City.
  • Aidanis one of the characters made popularized by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter films and books.
  • Aiden Burn is a female investigator on the show CSI: NY.
  • Aiden Brosnan is one of the main characters in the television show Eastenders.
  • Aidan Devane is a classic character from one of the most popular soap operas to ever exist called All My Children.
  • Aidenis the main vigilante in the video game called Watch Dogs.
  • Aiden Mathis is the real name of Mr. Bond in the popular television show called Revenge.
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