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The Most Expensive Hotels In Alaska Are Outrageous

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The Most Expensive Hotels In Alaska Are Outrageous

When booking lodging, the price of hotels can leave your head spinning. Sometimes these prices seem downright outrageous! However, if you are looking for a place to stay while on a trip to the icy North, these expensive hotels in Alaska may be worth a double-take. 

Alaska has many unique qualities that make exploring this state fun. Whether you enjoy the natural beauty all around or want to simply unplug and get away, it is possible to do either one in Alaska!

Even though these hotels boast high booking fees, the amenities and extras accompanying the expense may be worth it. Therefore, if you are wondering about the most expensive hotels in Alaska, what makes them unique, and more, look no further. This article will cover it all! 

What Makes Alaska Unique

When one hears the state of Alaska's name, cold, winterous landscapes probably appear. While it is true that Alaska is the coldest state in the United States, with temperatures reaching as low as -80 degrees Fahrenheit, this cold yet beautiful state has more unique characteristics. 

For example, Alaska has 17 of the tallest mountains in North America. Additionally, there are also over 100 volcanic fields! Also, many wildlife calls Alaska home, including moose, caribou, mountain goats, puffins, and the Arctic fox. 

While some may not fathom why people would choose to vacation in Alaska, the immense beauty and picturesque landscapes are at the top of the list. 

If you are considering visiting this amazing state, these expensive hotels in Alaska may have unique and fun extras that elevate your stay. Take a look below at the best tourist attractions in Alaska and some of the most expensive lodging options. 

What are Fun Tourist Attractions in Alaska?

While visiting Alaska, you may wonder what are the best tourist attractions available. Also, there are many beautiful landscapes to take in, history to explore, and nature to discover. With that said, here are the top tourist attractions in Alaska. 

Denali National Park and Preserve 

One of Alaska's most visited tourist attractions is Denali National Park and Preserve. The tollest mountain peak in North America is Denali at 20,310′. All around are mountains covered with snow, a beautiful forest, and a tundra, not to mention a wide array of wildlife. In addition, exploring this tourist attraction will leave you feeling refreshed with a new sense of appreciation for natural beauty. 

Kenai Fjords National Park

The Kenai Fjords National Park is icy land with forest and water. This National Park is something to behold in its icy and snowy wonder. 

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve are worth checking out if you enjoy mountains. Within this national park sits over 3 million acres. On these acres are glaciers, rainforests, mountains, and more stunning landscapes to explore. 

Glacier Bay cruise - Alaska nature landscape. Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska, USA. Scenic view from cruise ship vacation Alaska travel showing mountain peaks and glaciers.
A cruise tour is a great way to explore Glacier Bay's unique and stunning landscapes.


Alaska Native Heritage Center

Visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center to gain a stronger education and appreciation for Alaska Native Heritage. Celebrate and learn about the rich cultures in Alaska's history. 

Among these interesting and beautiful attractions are more incredible places to visit while staying in Alaska. However, before you visit these places, you must find a place to stay. Take a look at the most expensive hotels in Alaska below. 

The Most Expensive Hotels in Alaska

Now that we have explored the top tourist spots in Alaska, it is time to move on to the most expensive hotels in Alaska. These hotels may seem too pricey to even consider. However, after discovering their unique extras, the price tag may be worth it. Whether you are looking for options for fishing trips, adventurous excursions, or a place to unplug and get back into nature, these hotels have these options and more!

Hotel Captain Cook

939 W 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501

Price: $625

In Anchorage, AK, sits this unique hotel, Captian Cook. Hotel Captian Cook is part of the Preferred Hotels and Resorts Worldwide organization. It boasts excellent cuisine and fun gift shops to explore. 

What Makes Hotel Captian Cook Unique

One fun fact about this hotel is that it has been inducted into the Historic Hotels of America. Hotel Captain Cook is named after the sea Captain who spent his life mapping the Alaskan coastline; he and his men “dropped anchor” near where the hotel stands today. 

While staying at Hotel Captain Cook, guests have access to four restaurants. These culinary delights offer guests delicious meals to refuel and prepare for their Alaskan adventures. 

Hotel Captain Cook also has a private art collection that beautifully displays the story of Captain Cook. Delve into the history even deeper while staying here. 

What are the Attractions Near Hotel Captain Cook 

Anchorage, AK, is full of fun and adventurous tourist attractions for guests to take part in. Grab your hiking shoes and backpack and go on an adventure tour. Whether you want to explore Anchorage by helicopter, snowmobile, or dog sledding, these are fun and exhilarating adventures your inner child will love!  

Snow town Anchorage, Alaska, the United States of America is one of many people's dream to visit due to its scenery, culture, culinary.
Anchorage, AK, is a popular tourist city. The gorgeous views and fun attractions make it a vacation come true.


Alyeska Resort

1000 Arlberg Ave, Girdwood, AK 99587

Price: $459 

Alyeska Resort is in Girdwood, AK, and offers guests excellent amenities and a beautiful view. 

What Makes Alyeska Resort Unique

Alyeska Resort is a ski resort that gives guests a beautiful landscape to enjoy this sport. While here, guests can explore over 1,610 acres and 76 trails while skiing. 

There are also sturdy sky bridges that give guests a stunning view of the landscape around them. 

After guests explore the land around the resort, Alyeska has delectable dining experiences. Whether in the mood for comfort foods like pizza, Asian cuisine, or a delicious grilled entree, Alyeska Resort offers many tasty options. 

What are the Attractions Near Alyeska Resort

While in Girdwood, AK, guests can take in the natural beauty around them by riding the tram. After riding the tram, guests can hike trails or visit a restaurant for fantastic cuisine. 

There are also places to pan for Gold in an old mine, Crow Creek Mine. Afterward, explore Portage Valley and take in gorgeous views of glaciers all around.

 There are also fun festivals like the Blueberry Festival, animal conservatives, and breweries to explore while in Girdwood. 

Alaskan Suites

3255 Sterling Hwy, Homer, AK 99603

Price: $327

In Homer, AK, is the Alaskan Suites, a quaint place to view wildlife around you. Instead of a modern hotel, guests can stay in cabins with comfy beds, fireplaces, and more. 

What Makes Alaskan Suites Unique

Alaskan Suites offers guests unique packages to tailor their trips to precisely what is needed. Alaskan Suites also offer express check-in and check-out. While here, guests will feel refreshed and renewed by nature while unplugging from everyday stresses. 

What are the Attractions Near Alaskan Suites

While in Homer, AK, there are many fun activities to participate in as individuals or families. Take part in fishing trips to catch salmon and more, or go on a clamming trip at the Kasilof River. 

If guests prefer more adventure, there are options for Kayaking, hunting, or taking in one of the magnificent volcanoes around, including Augustine. 

Bell in the Woods

13881 Bruno Rd, Seward, AK 99664

Price: $395

The quaint B&B Bell in the Woods is located in Seward, AK. Stay in an Alaskan forest to unplug and enjoy all the natural beauty on the property.

What Makes Bell in the Woods Unique

Bell in the Woods offers guests a three-course breakfast helping to refuel for a full day of activity. While here, guests can access an indoor lounge, dining, outdoor patio, fire pit, and more. Also, guests can participate in additional services and packages from the Bell in the Woods. These include a fishing and sightseeing charter and sightseeing tours.

What are the Attractions Near Bell in the Woods

While staying in Seward, guests may enjoy several nature activities. Go on a wildlife cruise or explore the landscape on a snowmobile tour.

If guests prefer family-friendly activities, they may enjoy visiting the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. There are unique and fun attractions all around Seward. 

Aerial View of Seward, Alaska in early Summer
Bell in the Woods is a peaceful Bed and Breakfast that gives visitors a chance to unplug and take in nature. However, they are not far from Seward and all the interesting and exciting attractions to partake in.

©Jacob Boomsma/Shutterstock.com

Brigitte's Bavarian Bed Und Breakfast

59800 Tern Ct, Homer, AK 99603

Price: $265

Brigitte Bavarian Bed Und Breakfast offers guests beautiful and unique cottages to lodge in. These cottages allow guests to explore the nature around them, including the Kenai Mountains and Harding Ice Field

What Makes Brigitte's Bavarian Bed Und Breakfast Unique

The food at Brigitte's Bavarian Bed Und Breakfast is delectable. From garden peppermint tea to wild blueberries, guests will enjoy this Bed Und Breakfast's fresh and delicious food served daily. 

Additionally, guests may catch a glimpse of wildlife while exploring the grounds or enjoy the garden in its glorious splendor. 

Another fun fact about Brigitte's Bavarian Bed Und Breakfast is that it was in Sunset Magazine! 

What are the Attractions Near Brigitte's Bavarian Bed Und Breakfast

Brigitte's Bavarian Bed Und Breakfast is not far from Homer, AK. While in Homer, guests have several tourist attractions to explore. These attractions include: 

  • Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
  • Bishops Beach
  • Homer Spit
  • Homer Brewing Company
  • Pratt Museum and Park
  • Bear Creek Winery
  • Kachemak Bay State Park
  • Normal Lowell Gallery 
  • Seafarer's Memorial

These are just a few fun and exciting attractions visitors may enjoy. 

Otter Beach Lodges 

4799 Homer Spit Rd, Homer, AK 99603

Price: $844

Otter Beach Lodges is located in Homer, AK. Right on Kachemak Bay, the Otter Beach Lodge gives guests a fantastic resting place to take in Alaska's natural beauty. Guests will appreciate the views of the glaciers and snow-tipped mountains. 

What Makes Otter Beach Lodges Unique

Otter Beach Lodges gives guests access to the beach and beautiful views of the landscapes around. While staying at the Otter Beach Lodge, guests may enjoy dining near the water or participating in fun, adventurous activities like fishing and kayaking. 

The wilderness is expansive while staying at the Otter Beach Lodges. Meaning guests may be able to see sea wildlife, birds, and more. 

What are the Attractions Near Otter Beach Lodges

Homer, AK, has numerous activities for guests to participate in and enjoy the unique qualities that make Homer extraordinary. 

Guests can enjoy exploring the Bunnell Street Arts Center or the Ptarmigan Arts. Guests may want to unplug and reconnect with nature while exploring Halibut Cove. Also, they may love participating in winter activities, watching a sled dog race, or taking sightseeing tours. The possibilities are endless! 

Kenai Riverside Resort

33978 Johnsons Dr, Soldotna, AK 99669

Price: $392

Kenai Riverside Resort is a nature resort that gives guests a taste of Alaskan nature's glorious beauty. One of the main activities guests can enjoy while staying here is fishing on the Kenai River. 

What Makes Kenai Riverside Resort Unique 

The Kenai Riverside Resort offers guests a unique experience in fishing the Kenai River. Tour guides are knowledgeable and willing to share all they need to know about the fish in the area. 

Guests can also choose from incredible packages to elevate their stay. They can choose an essential package that includes several types of fishing, a hike, and white water rafting. If guests would instead want to focus on a specific type of fishing, there are packages also for that! Salmon and trophy trout packages and the ultimate fishing package are two to choose from. 

If adventure is a guest's middle name, then the Adrenaline Adventure Package is worth looking into. The adventures include white water rafting, glacier climbing, and river floating. 

Additionally, guests can try the wildlife and scenery package. During this package, guests will go on a Kenai National Fjords Marine tour and a Kachemak Bay & Homer Tour. 

The adventures are plenty while staying at Kenai Riverside Resort. 

What are the Attractions Near Kenai Riverside Resort

The natural beauty to be explored in Soldotna, AK, is immense. While here, guests may love fishing trips, taking a fishing charter, or exploring the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. 

Guests may also want to check out the Soldotna Historical Society and Museum if history is their thing. Centennial Park is beautiful to explore, and it even has a boardwalk! There are many options to explore while in Soldotna, AK. 

Aerial view of autumn color along the Kenai river on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.
Kenai Riverside Resort allows guests to gain knowledge in all they need to know from experienced tour guides while enjoying the natural beauty of Kenai River.

©Rex Lisman/Shutterstock.com

One Final Note

Alaska is known for its icy natural beauty and for being the coldest state in North America. If you are considering taking a trip to Alaska, many accommodations exist. If you enjoy exploring nature and want to take in nature experiences across the board, the Kenai Riverside Resort is an excellent hotel to choose from. However, if you would rather stay on a waterfront, Otter Beach Lodges has beautiful accommodations and fun amenities to make your stay one to remember. These expensive Alaska hotels may be worth the extra expense regardless of where you want to stay! 

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