From Tyson to Brenton to Falkor, this list of boy names that mean dragon is filled with a variety of fiery options that capture the intensity of this mythical beast. Take a look and find the perfect name for your son.

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  • Haco- is a Christian bible name, which makes it a great choice for many male children. Haco also means flame or fire, which makes it a very masculine name.
  • Ladon Ladon is a great alternative to the popular name Landon. Ladon is the name of a river and also the name of a mythical dragon that had 100-heads. The name has Greek origins and is often shortened to Lay.
  • AidenAiden is an Irish name that translates to “little fire,” which inspires visions of tiny dragons. The name was given to many early Irish saints and also shared by several High Kings of Ireland. The alternative spelling of this name is Aidan. The female version of Aiden is Enya.
  • DrakeDrake or Draco both literally mean dragon. Draco, the alternative to Drake is the name of a popular Harry Potter character, which was also known for dragons and other magical creatures. Drake or Draco can also be lengthened to Draken or Dracon.
  • Fintan Fintan has Irish origins and means “white fire.” The fiery name can be shortened to Finn as a nickname.
  • Dino Dino is a great boys' name for future tough guys. The two-syllable name doesn't actually mean dragon, but it is associated with large, fierce reptiles.
  • BrantleyBrantley is a name that has grown in popularity over the last few decades. The German meaning of this name translates to “fire.” Brantley is primarily a boys' name, but could be used as a girls name too.
  • TysonTyson is a unique boys' name that means “fiery-tempered.” Dragons are known for being fiery, and often short-tempered. Tyson can be shortened to Ty as a nickname.
  • Brenton Brenton is a unique option to more traditional names like Brandon or Brendan. The names' meaning is both “fire and flame,” which both lend themselves well to names that mean dragon.
  • Elliot – Elliot is one of the beloved characters from the movie Puff the Magic Dragon. It's a great way to honor one's love for dragons and the animated movie as well.
  • KaiKai translates to “fire.” The one-syllable name has Scottish origins and is popular as a first and middle name.
  • McCoyMcCoy is another Irish boys' name that means fire. The masculine name was also the name of a Pagan God.
  • Abeloth Abeloth means the “bringer of chaos.” The masculine name is often shortened simply to Abe.
  • Anguis Anguis has Latin origins and means “excellent strength.” What more fitting name for a strong dragon. Anguis can also be spelled Angus.
  • Irad Irad has Israeli origins. The meaning of the name is empire dragon. With an empirical name, Irad is given to little boys whose parents envision them being in charge someday.
  • Varo Varo is a Spanish origin name. Like knights who kill dragons, the name Varo is both chivalrous and full of valor.
  • GeorgeGeorge might not seem like it means dragon, but in Christianity, George is the name of the farmer that became a dragon slayer. George is also a saint's name and the female version of this name is Georgina, which is often shortened to Gina.
  • Falkor – Falkor is a boys' name with Norse origins. It means guardian of the people. It became popular of the name of the dragon in the classic movie The Neverending Story.
  • KennethKenneth is a Gaelic name meaning “fire-born” and “handsome.” With this meaning, Kenneth is thought to be a macho name worthy of a dragon who is also fire-born. The female version of this macho name is Kenna.
  • GriffinGriffin is an Irish name that means “fierce, fire breather.” Griffins can have the nickname Griff. The name Griffin has grown in popularity over the years thanks to characters with similar names starring in dramas involving dragons.
  • RyuRyu has Japanese origins and means dragon. In Japan, there are several mythological fables surrounding Ryu. It is primarily used as a male child's name, but can be adapted for female children too.

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