Fiery and fierce and fearless … dragons are mythical creatures that have been depicted as all of these. There are also, though, dragons in various fairytales and children's stories that just below their scaly surfaces are gentle and loving. If you're looking for a name for your child that captures all of these sentiments, explore this list of baby names that mean dragon.

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  • Blaze Blaze is an edgy boys' name for cool little guys or girls. The name is representative of fire, which is most commonly associated with fiery dragons.
  • Starblaze Starblaze is a name that can be used for boys and girls. It means comet and inspires images of bright, fiery skies that can only be created by dragons.
  • ArrowArrow is an edgy name that suits both boys or girls. One of the only ways to knock a dragon down is with a bow and arrow, so arrow is a fitting name for future dragon slayers. Arrow is also thought to be the name of a dragon slayer.
  • ChanceChance means good luck or good fortune. Since dragons are mythical creatures, the stories surrounding the reptile often focus on good luck and good fortune. The name is perfect for boys and girls.
  • Shenron – Shenron is the name of a popular animated dragon from the series Dragonball Z. This particular dragon grants wishes to lucky recipients. The unisex name has great nickname options, which can make it easier to pronounce.
  • Ambrose Ambrose means “immortal one.” Dragons are mythical and essentially immortal since they're terribly difficult to slay. The name Ambrose rose in popularity thanks to a warlock name Ambrose from the series “Sabrina.”
  • EmberEmber is responsible for the fire. Even when the fire goes out, an ember will remain for several hours. Ember is a great alternative to the more common Amber. It's a great name choice for males or females.
  • Nyx Nyx is the mythological goddess of night. The Greek origin name is perfect for little girls whose parents want their children to have a non-traditional name.
  • ReeseReese also spelled Rhys is a Welsh origin name that can be used for a boy or girl. The meaning of the name is ardent or fiery, which are two adjectives that are easily associated with dragons too.

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