Air is a natural resource without which we cannot survive. The air that we breathe contains the oxygen necessary to replenish our blood cells with each breath. Furthermore, air is one of the four elements associated with the astrological chart, alongside fire, water, and earth. It is no wonder that baby names that mean air or are connected to air (such as sky, wind, storm, etc.) are a significant choice for new parents. Let's explore the extensive world of names that mean air.

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  • Aviator This name is likely rare but works nicely as a neutral-gender selection. Avi- and Av- is the Latin root for bird.
  • Gustene Perhaps one of the more “old school” and southern selections, Gustene can be associated with the names of yesteryear, albeit feminine. It has moved forward in time much like the name Jean for a woman and Gene for a man have. This name is largely associated with wind and wind velocity.
  • Cirrus This option comes directly from the cloud name “Cirrus,” and relates to air via the cloud name. In a direct Latin translation, however, cirrus means thin and wispy.
  • Akash This name hails from India and refers to the theme of “open space and/or sky.”
  • Sonny/Sunny Not needing much explanation, this unisex name is popular and relegates that we cannot have sun with air.
  • Miku This short and easy-to-pronounce name is of Japanese origin and means “beautiful sky.”
  • Anemone This is perhaps one of the most profound air-related names available. The origin is English and it means “daughter of the wind.” In Greek, it means “a breath of wind.”
  • Robin This name has been around for decades and is of English origin and meaning “bright fame.” However, on a more contemporary level, it has been a unisex offshoot from the prevalent red-breasted robin bird.
  • Tempest The earliest origin of this name came from the French “Tempest,” and refers to a violent storm. It also refers to someone who has a blustery temperament.
  • JordanHere is a contemporary spin on the name origin. This name has been used in cross-reference to NBA player Michael Jordan and his infamous Air Jordan tennis shoes. Jordan has been a prevalent unisex name choice for over a decade.
  • Alto/Alta Directly from Latin root meaning height or tall, this name is based upon altitude and space. Alta is likely more common in female name use than is Alto.
  • Mercury This name is of Latin origin and means “the messenger of God,” or “God of Trade and Travelers.” The Roman messenger of God was said to be able to move quickly from one place to another and refers to movement as much as the air it moves through.
  • Ilmari This choice is a unique Scandinavian moniker suitable for either gender that directly translate to “air.”
  • PhoenixThis name has mythological profundity because it refers to a birdlike creature that flew to the extent that it burned itself out only to rise from its own ashes. It also refers to rebirth, renewal and immortality.
  • Pegasus Not to be confused with Phoenix, this is the mythological flying horse-like creature that is still referred to today as a gorgeous creature that alludes to the soul's immortality in its ability to fly.
  • Gale/Gail Usually spelled Gale for males and Gail or Gayle for females, and of English origin, this name refers to a very strong wind, but also refers to pleasant and merry.
  • Ciel/Cielo This origin is actually twofold, as in French, it means “sky,” Ironically, the word cielo in Spanish means sky. The French pronunciation is either Seel or Chell.
  • Drafty This option falls into the same, almost kitschy, category in which you will find the option of Wendy. It is of English origin.
  • Michael/Michelle Due to the nature of the archangel Michael, and the artist Michelangelo, these names are connected to air and wind.
  • Mystral This French name has almost an onomatopoeia effect, yet it means a “cold, dry, northerly wind”. In fact, Le Mistral is the cold wind over the alps leading to the Mediterranean sea.
  • Aloft/Lofta Directly from Old Norse, this unique moniker directly means “air.”
  • Stormy This name goes without saying of his relationship to air. It is closely related to the tempestuous nature of weather and wind.
  • Kalani/Lani This pretty yet non-binary moniker refers to the sky and the Heavens. It is of Hawaiian origin.
  • Fuego/Fuega From Spanish, the name refers to Fire and heat produced by the surrounded and resultant heated air.
  • AceThis name is one of metamorphic movement, coming from various origins, including French, Latin, and Middle English. An “Ace” is generally a trump card or meaning “in first place.” The relationship to air is in an “Ace” pilot is a “Top Gun.”

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