From Aither to Zephyr, this list of boy names that mean air is filled with a variety of masculine and impactful options. Explore each name and find the perfect fit for your child.

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  • LeviWhen people hear this name, they often are mentally referred to the ubiquitous blue jeans brand produced by Levi Strauss. There is also the Biblical name of Levi, son of Jacob and Leah, in the Old Testament. Levi truly means “joined in Harmony,” but the entire ballad of the name refers to atmosphere and existentialism.
  • Soma Although many may connect it to the Greek root “soma-” for sleep, this suggestion is actually of Japanese origin and means “sudden sound of the wind.”
  • Sota Here is another suggestion of Japanese Origin. This one also means “abrupt sound of the wind”.
  • Antwon Although this name can be traced back to th name Antonio or Anthony, which indicates that the name has a multicultural sustainability. Extensive research indicates that “Antwon” means “priceless” or “of inestimable worth,” just like the air that we breathe.
  • Ouranos This unique name, of Greek Origin, and means “sky, heaven.” By the way, Ouranos was the Greek God of the sky.
  • ZephyrZephyr is Greek for the word “wind” itself. This is placed within male suggestions but could possibly cross over for either gender.
  • Bevel Although this is a predominant surname in some countries, it has gained popularity as a first name and means “like the wind” or “angle of the wind.”
  • Naseem/Nasim This is a popular name of Arabic origin that means “breeze or soft air.”
  • Vayu Coming from Hindi origin), this unusual title means “God of the wind and the air.”
  • Dustin/Dusty This suggestion has a direct and almost onomatopoeia quality to it, imprinting the vision of the blowing tumbleweeds of the south.
  • Zeus Very few are likely to need explanation about this well-known highest renowned God of the Sky in mythology.
  • Aither This unique name comes from Greek origin and means “spirit of the wind.”
  • Aeolis Not to be confused with its first cousin Aither, and also of Greek origin, this close alternative means “keeper of the winds.”
  • Typhoon This clever name from Chinese origin refers to a very great wind.
  • Tsunami Much like the name Typhoon and of Asian origin, this name refers to a great — and possibly destructive — wind.
  • Scirocco This alliterative option sounds like it just came out of a Godfather-type movie. It is obviously of Italian origin and means “warm wind”. In fact, it is a hot and humid wind from the Sahara across North Africa and Southern Europe.
  • Ayaz This is a sophisticated sounding name for a male which comes from Turkish origin and means a “dry and cold air.”
  • Bayu Here is yet another short name meaning “the wind.” It is from Indonesian origin.
  • Anil This name refers directly to “air” or “wind,” and hails from the Indian culture and origin.
  • Guthrie It is likely that not many folks realize that this name connects directly to the Scottish lightweight word meaning “windy spot.”
  • Wyndham Of very English origin, this sophisticated sounding moniker basically means “from the windy village.”
  • Boreas This Greek word may sound slightly familiar as it has been used in movies and in literary fiction. It means the “north wind.”
  • Amphorn This name is of Thai origin and simply refers to the word “sky.”
  • Anvindr The spelling gives away its Nordic Origin. This unique and masculine-sounding moniker means “against the wind.”
  • Bleu/Blue Although this male name may be connected to other origins, it is more so related here to the verb form “blew” relating to air/wind.

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