This list of girl names that mean wind is incredibly diverse, offering a wide selection of unique and feminine options. Explore the list of names, complete with meanings, and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Aella Aella is a remarkable name for girls meaning “whirlwind”. This Greek name is also the name of an Amazon in Greek mythology.
  • Alizeh Alizeh is an old Persian name meaning “wind”. There are variations of the name such as “Eliza”, but this choice has a more unique look about it.
  • Amihan Amihan is found in use in the Philippines, and it means “Northeast monsoon”. It's used to refer to the season that's typically taken over by the trade winds, and it makes a cool name choice for a spirited little girl.
  • Anemone Although a flower name, Anemone also means “daughter of the wind”. This is a stunning Greek name filled with charm, making it fitting for girls.
  • Aura Aura is a Greek name meaning “soft breeze”. It is popular throughout the world, however, and it has a nice spiritual feel to it.
  • Auretta Auretta is an Italian name that means “light wind”. It is a pretty and soft name for girls.
  • Beval Beval, meaning “like the wind”, has English and Irish origins. It is found in use as a boy's name, but it can work just as well for girls.
  • Camira Camira, meaning “of the wind”, boasts a few backgrounds. It serves as an Aboriginal name, but it is also a Spanish variation of the name “Cameron”. Either way, it comes with a fun nickname of “Cam”.
  • Cua A simple name, Cua means “wind”. Used among the Hmong people, the name is simple and quick to use.
  • Era Era is a charming little name that means “wind”. It's not just a word name, but it is also has Albanian roots.
  • Esel Esel has Turkish roots with the meaning of “windy land”. It is a fitting nature name choice for girls that has a sweet feel to it.
  • Fuu Fuu is an appealing name that means “wind”. It is a girl's name that is mainly used within Japanese culture as it hasn't quite crossed the cultural barrier just yet.
  • Hau Hau is a sweet name that means “wish, wind”. This Māori name has a whimsical feel to it that makes it appealing for baby girls.
  • Leewan With Australian origins, Leewan means “wind”. It is a nice cultural name that comes with a good nickname of “Lee”.
  • Meltem Meltem, meaning “sea wind” is a Turkish girl's name. Commonly found in use in Turkey, the name works well for girls born near the waters.
  • Nasima Nasima means “breeze, fresh air” in Arabic. Used by Christians as well as Muslims, the name is a fitting option, especially if there's a male relative (like a twin) with the name Nasim.
  • Rumaysa Rumaysa is a beautiful name for girls that means “wind that scatters dust; or increase”. This Arabic name isn't popular, but it has a level of undeniable charm that makes it worthwhile.
  • Sabiya Sabiya means “splendid, brilliant, eastern wind”. It is an Arabic name that is equal parts strong as it is sweet.
  • Sameera Sameera means “air; wind; or evening talk”. It's a variation of “Samira”, giving parents a different type of spelling that has a stylish look.
  • Scirocco Scirocco is a unique name choice for girls that means “warm wind”. Although an Italian name, it does have some Arabic roots.
  • Sefarina Sefarina means “west wind”, and it has Greek roots. The name is also spelled as “Serafina” as that is more commonly used, but this spelling is more distinctive.
  • Tadita Tadita is a feminine name meaning “to the wind”. It is a bold Native American, Omaha name.
  • Tuuli Tuuli means “wind”. It is a pretty name that holds both Finnish and Estonian roots.
  • WindyWindy has the same meaning of its name. As an English word name, it doesn't get anymore straightforward, and it is fitting as far as nature names go.
  • Zariyah Zariyah is a lovely girl's name meaning “scattering wind”. It can have several origins too from Arabic, to Hebrew, and even Russian. This makes it a good cross-cultural choice.

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