The Arab culture is one that is rich in customs — and respect for those customs. Accordingly, selecting an Arabic baby name means you will be choosing a name with deep meaning and enduring history. Celebrate the beauty of the Arab people by selecting a name from the below list of Arabic baby names.

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  • Abia Abia is an Arabic name used for boys and girls. It's both an easy name and an unusual one that means “great”.
  • Adine Adine is a baby girl's name that not only has Arabic roots, but also Hebrew and Irish origins. It means “slender, delicate”.
  • Akiva Akiva is a masculine Arabic and Hebrew name that's also used for girls. It means “to protect, shelter”.
  • Amani Amani is an Arabic name that's popular in African-American and Muslim families. It's a variation of “Imani” and means “faith”.
  • AmirAmir is a common Arabic name mainly used for boys, but also can be used for girls. It means “prince, ruler; treetop”.
  • Aza Aza is an Arabic unisex name. It's an elegant choice that still comes across as simple, and it means “powerful”.
  • Bashir Bashir is both a given name and surname with Arabic roots. It means “the one who brings the news”.
  • Idris Idris is an Arabic name used for boys that's also the name of a prophet who's mentioned twice in the Koran. It means “to learn, study”.
  • Iman Iman is a well-known Arabic name used for both girls and boys. This pretty name is backed by a sweet meaning: “faith”.
  • Imani Imani is an Arabic name connected to “Iman”. They both share similar meanings of “faith”.
  • InayaInaya is a soft Arabic girl's name. It has a sweet meaning of “care, concern”.
  • Issa Issa is a unisex Arabic name that's also used as a nickname. It means “strong-willed”.
  • Janan Janan is a modest Arabic name used for boys and girls. It has a nice meaning of “heart, soul”.
  • JedJed is an Arabic name with a stylish twist. Meaning “beloved of the Lord”, it also works as a diminutive of “Jedidiah”.
  • NakiaNakia is technically an Arabic name for boys, but it's also used for girls. It has a simple meaning of “pure”.
  • Nasim Nasim is a unisex Arabic name. This traditional name means “breeze, fresh air”, which is fitting to give off that laidback vibe.
  • Noor Noor is an interesting Arabic name for boys and girls. It's a popular option that crosses culture with its nice meaning of “light”.
  • Raja Raja is a well-known Arabic name that's gender-neutral. It's backed with an uplifting meaning of “hope; ruler”.
  • Rana Rana is a charming Arabic name used mainly for girls, but it can work with boys. It does have a feminine meaning of “queenly” though.
  • RayanRayan is a well-known Arabic name that makes for a good unisex choice. It has a lovely long meaning of “land that is lush and rich in water”.
  • Samar Samar is an Arabic name that's gained popularity cross-cultural thanks to its gender-neutral sound. Meaning “evening conversation”, it's also easy to use the nickname of “Sam” with this.
  • Sami Sami is an easy gender-neutral Arabic name. It can be a diminutive form of “Samantha” and “Samuel”, and it means “praised”.
  • Senna Senna is a gender-neutral name backed by Arabic origins as well as botanical ones. Meaning “brightness”, it's a lovely colorful choice thanks to it being the name of a flowering tropical bush.
  • Vega Vega, although Spanish-sounding, has Arabic origins. This unisex name comes with a powerful meaning of “swooping eagle”.
  • Zero Zero is a unique Arabic name for a baby boy. It means “void”, and it works as a trendy name option.

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