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Jed has a rugged and strong feel to it, popular in America for its simplicity. The name was first the nickname for Jedidiah, however. Though no longer a top 1,000 option, it is a top 1,800 option at rank 1,730.

Meaning of the name Jed:

Hebrew: friend of Yahweh, beloved of Yahweh

Origin of the name Jed:

Jed began as a nickname for Jedidiah during the Protestant Reformation. Jedidiah is a Biblical name that comes from the Hebrew words “yadid” and “yah.” The first instance that it occurred was in the Old Testament. The prophet Nathan gave the name to King Solomon.

Symbolism of the name Jed:

The baby name Jed means “friend of Yahweh” or “beloved of Yahweh” because of the longer form, Jedidiah. The Hebrew word “yadid” means “beloved” or “friend,” and “yah” means “God” or “Yahweh.”

Style of the name Jed:


Gender of the name Jed:

Jed is a simple and rugged name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Jed:


Number of syllables in the name Jed:


Emotion evoked from the name Jed:

Jed feels informal and common. It is a rough name with a youthful appearance.

Alternative spellings for the name Jed:

  • Jedd
  • Jehd
  • Jehdd

Nicknames for the name Jed:

  • Jeddie
  • Jeddi
  • Jedi
  • Jeddy
  • JJ

Popularity of the name Jed:

Jed was most popular in America in the mid to late twentieth century. It was a top 500 name in 1978 at rank 485, which is the most popular it has ever been. Jed did leave the top 1,000 list in 1989 at rank 909.

Related names for the name Jed:

  • Ted
  • Jeb
  • Judd
  • Zed
  • Clint
  • Len
  • Mel

Great middle names for Jed and their meanings:

  • Caleb (devoted to God)
  • Kane (little warrior)
  • Riley (wood clearing)
  • William (strong-willed warrior, resolute protector)
  • Mitchell (gift from God)
  • Harrison (house ruler)
  • Conway (holy river, hound of the plain)
  • Owen (youthful, noble, well-born)

Famous people with the name Jed:

  • Jed Allan (actor, “Santa Barbara”)
  • Jed Rakoff (federal judge)
  • Jed Madula (singer from the Philippines)
  • Jed Harris (producer, “Night People”)
  • Jed Prouty (actor, “Hot Water”)
  • Jed Whedon (screenwriter

Jeds in popular culture:

  • Jed Clampett (character from “The Beverly Hillbillies”)
  • Jed Stone (character from “Coronation Street”)
  • Jed Walker (character from DC Comics)
  • Jed Maxwell (character from “I'm Alan Partridge”)
  • Jed (character from “The West Wing”)
  • Jed Wright (character from “Dead Rising 2: Case Zero” video game)
  • Jed Garrity (character from “The 4400”)
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