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The name Amir has been primarily used by Muslim or Middle Eastern families when finding a royal name for their sons. This is an interesting name, however, as the way that it is spelled can completely change the meaning. If there is an accent over the “i” in the baby name, it will mean prince. An accent mark over the “a,” however, equates to prosperous being the meaning of the name.

Meaning of the Name Amir

The name Amir, originally spelled Emir, began as the name for a commander in a Middle Eastern army or for a high-ranking official in the Middle Eastern military or politics. The name has a variety of meanings including prosperous, prince, ruler, powerful, and commander. The strength seen behind the name led many families to begin using it for their own children throughout Middle Eastern culture. When Middle Easterns began to immigrate to the United States in the 1970s, the name grew in usage in the States as well.

When the name Amir was used as the title of the commanders aforementioned, it literally translated to “commander of the faithful.” Now, however, that meaning has been shortened to ruler or prince as aforementioned, which still gives off the strength that is behind the name.

Nicknames for Amir

The main emotion felt from the baby name Amir is pride, which goes with the serious and strong association that can come with the name. Feel free to take some of the following suggestions into consideration when coming up with a nickname for the Amir in your life:

  • Amirs
  • Meer
  • Ami
  • Ammu
  • Mimi 
  • Miru
  • Aims
  • Am

Amir Name Details

Style: Traditional in historical Middle Eastern culture

Gender: Amir is traditionally considered a boys name.

Pronunciation: ah-MEER or uh-MEER

Syllables: Two

baby name Amir

Alternative Spelling of Amir

Amir Name Popularity

Amir as a baby name has only been on the top 200 list since the year 2015 as it became number 187. It was not until the year 2008 that the name even found its way to the top 300 list. Its popularity continues to improve, however, as in the year 2020, the name was ranked at number 117 in the country.

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Great Middle Names for Amir and Their Meanings

  • Nasim (breeze)
  • Faris (knight, horseman, cavalier)
  • Jamal (beauty)
  • Rashid (rightly guided, has the true faith)
  • Danyal (known intellectual, just)

Famous People Named Amir

  • Amir Khan (boxer)
  • Amir Mitchell-Townes (actor, “Girl Meets World”)
  • Amir O'Neil (actor, “Marlon”)
  • Amir Bageria (actor, “Degrassi”)
  • Amir Blumenfeld (TV host, “Jake and Amir”)
  • Amir Haddad (French-Israeli pop star)
  • Amir (character in The Kite Runner)
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