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Emir is a classic name that’s popular for baby boys in the Balkan countries and in Turkey. However, it stems from an Arabic honorific name for a male ruler or one who held a high rank in the military or political world. Prior to that, the term “emir” was used to refer in general to a “commander” or a “leader”.

Meaning of the name Emir:

Turkish, Bosnian, and Arabic for “prince, ruler”.

Origin of the name Emir:

Emir is a name derived from the Arabic term “emir”. In 1593, it entered the English language based on the French word “émir”. The Arabic term was historically used to refer to a “commander”. Eventually, it became a male monarchial term. This title has roots throughout Arabic-speaking countries as well as in West Africa, East Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. On the religious side, the term was used as a title or a name for the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Symbolism of the name Emir:

The prince symbolizes someone who is in command, destined to lead, and one worth listening to.

Style of the name Emir:


Gender of the name Emir:

Since Emir stems from the term for a male monarch, it’s only ever been used as a male name.

Pronunciation of the name Emir:


Number of syllables in the name Emir:


Emotion evoked from the name Emir:

The baby boy name Emir evokes feelings of strength and refinement.

Alternative spellings for the name Emir:

  • Emeer

Nicknames for the name Emir:

Popularity of the name Emir:

According to the Social Security Index, Emir ranked #650 in 2020, which was a bit higher than its 2019 ranking of #920. It remains more popular in other countries as it ranked #14 in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2019 and #18 in Turkey in 2020.

Related names for the name Emir:

Great middle names for Emir and their meanings:

  • Jamal (beauty)
  • Kahlil (friend)
  • Khalid (immortal, everlasting)
  • Malik (king; wave)
  • Rashid (righteous, rightly advised)
  • Sa’id (lucky, happy)
  • Sami (exalted)
  • Yasir (wealthy, prosperous)
  • Zayd (increase, growth)

Famous people with the name Emir:

  • Emir (Turkish pop singer)
  • Emir Bekrić (Serbian hurdler)
  • Emir Işılay (Turkish musician)
  • Emir Kusturica (Serbian filmmaker)
  • Emir Lokmić (male Alpine skier)
  • Emir Mkademi (Tunisian football player)
  • Emir Mutapčić (Bosnian basketball player/coach)
  • Emir Preldžič (Turkish basketball player)
  • Emir Spahić (Bosnian football player)

Emirs in movies/pop culture:

  • Emir (character in the 1977 film “Emanuelle Around the World”)
  • Emir(character in the Turkish TV drama “Kara Sevda” / “Endless Love”)
  • Emir Varol (character in the Turkish TV action drama “Çukur”)
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