From Burak to Halil to Mohammed, this list of Turkish baby names for boys is filled with a variety of rich and intriguing options. Explore these names and find the perfect one for your son.

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  • Aagha Aagha is a dominant Turkish name for boys. It means various titles that all refer to someone in power. Aaghaa is a known variant spelling.
  • Altan Altan is a Turkish name suited for early rising boys. This name means “red dawn,” making it quite suitable for a boy born during either such a memorable sunrise or on a trip to Japan, the “Land of the Rising Sun.” Altin is a known variant spelling of this name.
  • Balian Balian is a very commanding Turkish name for boys. It can mean either “master” or “lord” and comes from Balian of Ibelin, also known as Barisan the Younger. Balian was a crusader during the 12th Century who lead the defense of Jerusalem during its siege in the 1180s. This man was the basis for Orlando Bloom's character in the film “Kingdom of Heaven.”
  • Burak Burak is a mighty Turkish name to give a boy. It means “swift and mighty as lightning.” Barack is an alternative spelling of this name and happens to be the spelling that the parents of the 44th American President chose to name their son, who served in that role for two four-year terms.
  • Candana Candana is a sincere Turkish boy's name. It means “honest and candid.” Known variants of this name include Candanin and Candon.
  • Demir Demir is a durable boy's name from Turkey. It means “made of iron.”
  • Galip Galip is a first-place boy's name from Turkey. It means “winner.”
  • Halil Halil is an endearing Turkish name for boys. While the literal meanong of this name is “close friend,” the connotations of this closeness are best exemplified in a concept like a “blood brother.”
  • Hasad Hasad is the sort of Turkish name that makes sense belonging to accomplished boys. It means “harvest” or “reaping,” i.e. there will be many things for this child to claim in the future for acts done in the present. A known variant spelling of this name is Hassad.
  • Karawan Karawan is a protective boy's of Turkish origin. The name is a magic word often said to avert the influence of the evil eye, similar to how you might say “bless you” when someone sneezes. The evil eye is regarded as a mark of ill omen that is intended to afflict the victim with bad luck and cast by giving the person a glare of utter disdain.
  • Latafat Latafat is an esteemed boy's name from Turkey. It means “elegance.” Acceptable variants include Lataphat, Latifah and Lateefah.
  • Mart Mart is a very timely Turkish name among boys. It means “March,” making it fine for any boy born, or conceived, in the third month of the year.
  • Mirac Mirac is an uplifting boy's name in Turkish. It means “ascension” and can be a fitting name for the first born of a couple as they have now risen above just being a couple and are now also Mother and Father.
  • Mohammed Mohammed is one of the most common boys' names in Turkish. It means “praised.” Variants include Mesich and Muhammed. Mohammed is the most venerated prophet in the religion of Islam.
  • Nijaz Nijaz is a Turkish name for thankful boys. Because it means various words that convey a wish or desire, such a child will likely become quite acquainted with showing gratitude for his blessings.
  • Okan Okan is a truly noble Turkish boy's name, It means “one with a noble bearing.”
  • Osmen Osmen is a guiding boy's name for Turks. Because this name means “born to show the way,” there should hopefully never be a need to ask for directions when GPS tracking fails.
  • Ozan Ozan is a Turkish name for creative boys. It means “bard,” someone whose job involved telling stories, reciting history and entertainment. Ozanich is a known variant way of spelling this name.
  • Rifaat Rifaat is a hierarchical boy's name in Turkish. It means “one of high rank.”
  • Sevket Sevket is a masterful boy's Turkish name. It means “power and dignity” and may be a fine name to given to a future politician or industrial magnate.
  • Suleiman Suleiman is a serene Turkish name for boys. It means “man of peace.” Suleyman is an acceptable variation in spelling. Suleiman the Magnificent was an Ottoman Sultan who truly lived up to his name in the 1500s and was the longest lived person to hold that title.
  • Tanju Tanju is a divine gift of a Turkish boy's name. It means “blessed by Allah.”
  • Tuncay Tuncay is a distinct boy's name in Turkish. It means “bronze moon” in both a literal sense and also in describing a moon that glows a bronze color.
  • Yusef Yusef is a Turkish version of the boy's name Joseph. As such, this name means “God's increasing power.” Yusuf is a variant spelling of this name.
  • Zehab Zehab is a solid boy's name from Turkey. It means “gold.” Sogut is a region of western Turkey with a notable amount of gold buried within its earth.

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