Turkish people are known for their honest and hospitable qualities. It then stands to reason that traditional Turkish baby names exude those same qualities. If you're looking to bestow such a name on your little, explore this list of options below.

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  • Akara Akara is a Turkish name that is perfectly suitable for any boy or girl. Boiled down, the name means “lover of risks and challenges.”
  • Akay Akay is a brilliant Turkish name for a boy or girl. It means “full moon's light.”
  • Behrem Behrem is a celestial Turkish name for a boy. This happens to be the Turkish word for the red planet Mars, the fourth planet in our solar system and one that takes its name from the Roman god of war.
  • Banou Banou is an esteemed Turkish name for a girl. It means “noblewoman.”
  • Cahil Cahil is an exuberant boy's name from Turkish. It means “young, naive man.”
  • Caria Caria is a fluid girl's name from Turkey. It means “one who flows like water.”
  • Damla Damla is a small Turkish name for a little lady. It means “drop,” as in a tiny amount of liquid.
  • Deniz Deniz is a joyous unisex name from Turkey. It means “sea of happiness.”
  • Duman Duman is an intangible boy's name from Turkey. It means “smoky.”
  • Edric Edric is a hearty Turkish name for healthy boys. It means “vigorous” or “robust.”
  • Elif Elif is an elfin Turkish girl's name. It can mean “slender-bodied,” ideal for a gymnast, or “original.”
  • Filiz Filiz is an uplifting Turkish girl's name. It means “to spring up and grow.” Despite sounding very similar to the Spanish word “Feliz,” there is no linguistic connection between the two words.
  • Jale Jale is a timely Turkish girl's name. This name means “dew,” a form of precipitation that commonly seen on grass and in spider webs during first few hours of the morning. This name may be a perfect choice for a a child born during the morning hours after the sun has risen.
  • Kiral Kiral is a dominant Turkish name for boys and girls. This is a name that happens to mean “supreme leader.”
  • Mehmet Mehmet is a faithful boy's name from Turkey. It means “praiseworthy ruler.” The first name of the well-known physician and television personality Dr. Oz happens to be Mehmet.
  • Neval Neval is a transitional Turkish name for boys. It means “new or original city” and might suit a child born while you are out traveling far away from your hometown.
  • Necla Necla is a versatile Turkish girl's name. This name can either mean “daughter,” “cohort” or “competition,” sometimes even mean two of them if your Necla has a sister.
  • Olcay Olcay is a multi-purposed boy's name from Turkey. This one name means various words that are all associated with victory, success and dominance.
  • Ozge Ozge is a quirky little Turkish unisex name. It means “unique and different.” This name should be pronounced “oz-geh.”
  • Pembe Pembe is a colorful Turkish name for girls. This is a name that can mean “pinkish” or “beautiful.”
  • Roshan Roshan is an enlightened Turkish unisex name. This name means “light's brightness.”
  • Shakirat Shakirat is a thankful Turkish name for boys and girls. It is a name that means “appreciative one.”
  • Tansu Tansu is a nautical unisex name from Turkish. It means “water of the dawn,” possibly making it a name for children born at first light, a period of time between nautical dawn and civil dawn.
  • Ulugbek Ulugbek is a capable Turkish boy's name. It is a name meaning “great chieftain.”
  • Yadgar Yadgar is an unforgettable Turkish boy's name. It is a name that means “memorable.”
  • Zlem Zlem is an ideal Turkish girl's name for your little princess. It means “longing” or “yearning,” a feeling that almost every Disney princess has expressed in song.

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