Knowledge is an incredibly powerful gift — it's the key that unlocks so many facets of life. If you wish to bestow that trait on your newborn son, consider giving him one of these boy names that mean knowledge. The below options are handsome and unique — take a look!

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  • Danish Urdu-speaking Moms and Dads might prefer Danish as a suitable title for infant males. In said language, the name promotes knowledge and learning.
  • Elimantras This masculine moniker is common in Lithuania. When translated from the Baltic language, Elimantras honors intelligent people.
  • Helmut Helmut is a long-standing and popular boy’s name in Germany. In German, the offering celebrates those possessing healthy minds and spirits.
  • Quetzalcoatl This historical name can be traced back to the Aztec Empire. During said period, Quetzalcoatl was the revered God of Knowledge and Humankind. These days, the name is sometimes given to boys of Mexican or Central-American heritage.
  • Radobod The ancient Germanic tongue produced the male designation Radobod. In this language, the label recognizes persons holding superior knowledge.
  • Vilmantas Vilmantas is a boy’s name commonly seen in Lithuania. In Lithuanian, the honorific recognizes intelligent and hopeful subjects.
  • Wasi Boys born to Arabic-conversing Moms and Dads might receive the title Wasi. In said tongue, the denomination represents those demonstrating broad-mindedness, knowledge, and a learned quality.
  • Aatos Finnish mothers and fathers might label newborn male children Aatos. In the language spoken by those residing in the Baltic Sea-bordering nation, the offering symbolizes knowledge and thought.
  • Renaud In the French-speaking world, Renaud is a male title. In the widely spoken western European tongue, it honors wise advisors or counselors. Alternatively, the moniker salutes brave persons.
  • Tri The designation Tri is typically handed down to newborn Vietnamese boys. In the southeast Asian communication form, the title represents wisdom and intellect.
  • Dagda Dagda is a masculine title taken from Irish folklore. According to said country’s mythology, the aforementioned name stood for the God of Knowledge, Abundance, and Magic. To this day, many Irish citizens refer to Dagda as The Good God.
  • Guiscard Infant boys born to French-speaking families might be called Guiscard. When interpreted from said tongue, the label honors wise and brave people.
  • Hakim This classic Arabic name is handed down to newborn males. It means wise. It is usually bestowed upon infants born into the Muslim faith. Moreover, it is considered one of the 99 names of Islam.
  • OdinOdin is a powerful name in Norwegian lore. He is considered one of the chief Gods and the Deity of Power and Knowledge.
  • Rhett The roots of this male designation are English. It salutes knowledgeable counselors. Additionally, the name is known most famously as the title of the classic character Rhett Butler in the storied novel “Gone With The Wind.”
  • Rashid Rashid is an Arabic moniker handed down to boys. It honors intelligent, properly guided subjects. The title can be spelled several different ways. Additionally, it is one of the 99 names of Islam.
  • Raul The boy’s name Raul owes its existence to the Spanish and Portuguese languages. It means knowledgeable. A famous bearer is the late actor Raul Julia.
  • Sudhir Sudhir is a label bestowed upon boys born to parents conversing in various Indian dialects. The honorific celebrates virtuous qualities such as intellect, goodness, and kindness.
  • Vivek Those born in India or are fond of said Asian nation’s culture might designate newborn sons Vivek. The moniker recognizes knowledge, wisdom, and distinction.
  • AlfredAlfred is a boy’s name. The origins of this classic offering are English. It honors wise counselors. One of the title’s most famous bearers is legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Daris Persons of Bosnian ancestry may designate their newborn boys Daris. In the Balkan language, the label honors those who are always learning and studying.
  • Frode This male title is common in Scandinavian lands like Norway and Denmark. In Norwegian and Danish, Frode means learned and wise.
  • Nabu The denomination Nabu dates back to the early Semitic tongues. In those languages, this masculine label honors the Assyrian God of Wisdom, Letters, and Writing.
  • Rein The origins of this boy’s offering are Dutch and Estonian. When translated from those languages, Rein salutes knowledgeable counselors and advisors.

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