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Odin is a name that relates back to the most powerful old Norse god. It is a popular name choice if you enjoy mythology or if your family has a Viking heritage. Currently, it is a top 400 option.

Meaning of the name Odin:

Norse: poetic fury, god of frenzy

Origin of the name Odin:

Odin is the English version of the Old Norse baby name Odinn. This name comes from the Norse word “odr.” Odin is an important name in the Viking culture as in mythology, he is the highest of the gods.

Symbolism of the name Odin:

The baby name Odin means “god of frenzy” as in mythological culture, Odin oversaw war and death. It could also mean “poetic fury” as the Old Norse word “odr” means “rage” or “frenzy.”

Style of the name Odin:


Gender of the name Odin:

Odin is a powerful baby name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Odin:


Number of syllables in the name Odin:


Emotion evoked from the name Odin:

Odin feels powerful and strong. It is a stately name from Norse tradition.

Alternative spellings for the name Odin:

  • Odinn
  • Oden
  • Odenn
  • Odyn
  • Odynn
  • Odon
  • Odonn

Nicknames for the name Odin:

  • Ode
  • Ody
  • Odey
  • Odi
  • Odie
  • O

Popularity of the name Odin:

Odin was a popular name in the Middle Ages and in Viking culture. It did not become a top 1,000 name in America, however, until 2008 at rank 983. The name became a top 500 option in 2014 at rank 475. As of 2020, it ranks at 332 for boys.

Related names for the name Odin:

Great middle names for Odin and their meanings:

  • Thor (thunder)
  • Foster (one who keeps the forest)
  • Cyrus (sun)
  • Leopold (bold, brave)
  • Julius (downy-bearded, devoted to Jove)
  • Sinclair (pure, illustrious)
  • Damian (to tame, to subdue)
  • Xavier (bright, splendid)

Famous people with the name Odin:

  • Odin Carter (son of Nick Carter)

Odins in popular culture:

  • Odin (mythological Norse god)
  • Odin (character from “Final Fantasy” video games)
  • Odin (character from “Charmed”)
  • Odin (character from “Fire Emblem Fates” video game)
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