From Linnea to Sonja to Tyra and beyond, this list of Norwegian baby names for girls is filled with a variety of beautiful feminine monikers. Explore the list and each name's meaning, and find the perfect option for your daughter.

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  • Iduna Iduna is a Norwegian girl name that means “active in love.” It can be a blessing for the future or a testament of your own love at the time of her birth.
  • Hildr Hildr is a mighty Norwegian girl name. Originating from Norse mythology, it means “battle,” and it was the name of one of the legendary female warriors of the Valkyrie.
  • Dagny Dagny is a beautiful Norwegian girl name that means “dawn” or “a new day.” Some folks pronounce it DAG-nee while others opt for DAHG-nee.
  • LinneaLinnea is a Norwegian girl name that's also popular in other Scandinavian countries. It refers to a lime tree.
  • Haralda Haralda is a Norwegian girl name that comes from Harold, but it's much more common than its male counterpart. It refers to an army commander.
  • IngridIngrid is a beautiful Norwegian girl name. Literally, it means “beautiful,” so it'll be very fitting for a future heartbreaker.
  • Gydda Gydda is a Norwegian girl name. Short and cute, you might be surprised to learn that it means “forceful,” but it'll definitely suit a daughter who comes out swinging!
  • Asta Asta is a Norwegian girl name that's out of this world. Literally translating to “star,” it'll be perfect for a daughter who puts a twinkle in your eye.
  • Idona Idona is an elegant Norwegian girl name. If you know your mythology, you'll recognize her as the goddess who hands out the apples of eternal youth.
  • SonjaSonja is a Norwegian girl name with Greek origins. It's currently the name of Her Majesty the Queen of Norway, and it means “wisdom.”
  • Agot Agot is a Norwegian girl name that you won't often find outside of the country, but that just makes it more unique. It means “good-hearted.”
  • Kjersti Kjersti is a Norwegian girl name that's derived from Christie or Christina. The “J” is silent, so it can be a nice way to give the name a little panache without making it unrecognizable.
  • Frigga Frigga is a Norwegian girl's name from Norse mythology. You might recognize her as the mother of Thor, the god of thunder.
  • Eisa Eisa is a gorgeous Norwegian girl name that means “glowing embers.” The only tricky part is the pronunciation: Various people use EYE-sah, EE-sah or AYE-sah.
  • FreyaFreya is another Norwegian girl name with mythological origins. She was the goddess of fertility, and her name has the elegant meaning of “lady.”
  • NoraNora is a Norwegian girl name that has consistently topped the list of most popular female names. Give it a little extra flair by spelling it Norah.
  • TyraTyra is a fun and unique Norwegian girl's name. It's considered the female version of Thor.
  • Aloisa Aloisa is a Norwegian girl name that actually comes from Germany, but it became famous in Scandinavia because of the Vikings. Fittingly, it means “renowned fighter.”
  • Nikolina Nikolina is a Norwegian girl name that rolls off the tongue like music. Originally stemming from Nikolas, it also has many alternatives in the form of Nicole, Nikola or Niko.
  • Else Else is a Norwegian name for girls that has multiple meanings, including “pledged to God” and “God is perfection.” Variations include Elsa and Elise.
  • Runa Runa is a Norwegian girl name that means “secret tradition.” It definitely brings to mind ancient rituals performed by moonlight with runes carved into the dirt.
  • Lovise Lovise is another Norwegian girl name with mighty origins. It refers to a fighter or warrior, and it's pronounced with three syllables: luh-VEE-see.
  • Astrilde Astrilde is a Norwegian girl name that comes from the goddess of love in Norse mythology. A more modern version is Astrid, but the original version is cool, too.
  • Mette Mette is a delicate and enchanting Norwegian girl name. It means “pearl,” and it can also be found in the current royal family.
  • Sigrid Sigrid is a Norwegian girl name that comes from old Norse. Meaning “victory,” it'll be perfect for the triumphant birth of a long-awaited baby girl.

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