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Sonja is a baby girl’s name of Slavic origin that means “wisdom”. Sonja comes from the Russian diminutive of Sophia and is common in many northern and eastern European countries. Sonja was popular in the US from 1930 to 1992.

Meaning of the name Sonja:

Slavic: wisdom

Origin of the name Sonja:

Sonja is a baby girl’s name that means “wisdom”. It is common in many northern and eastern European countries. Sonja is a variant spelling of the Russian name Sonya and a diminutive of Sophia.

Symbolism of the name Sonja:

Sonja means “wisdom”. One of the most famous historical buildings in the world is the Hagia Sophia located in Istanbul. The building has been a place of worship for Christians and Muslims for centuries as well as a museum.

Style of the name Sonja:


Gender of the name Sonja:

Sonja is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Sonja:

ZAWN-ya (German), SON-yah (Finnish)

Number of syllables in the name Sonja:


Emotion evoked from the name Sonja:

Sonja evokes feelings of intelligence and independence.

Alternative spellings for the name Sonja:

Sonya, Sonia

Nicknames for the name Sonja:

  • Sonie
  • Yaya

Popularity of the name Sonja:

According to the Social Security Administration, Sonja is a popular baby girl’s name. It was in the top 1000 baby names from 1930 to 1992. It peaked at #180 in 1938.

Related names for the name Sonja:

Great middle names for the name Sonja and their meanings:

  • Dana (from Denmark, gift, wise)
  • Audra (noble strength)
  • Terese (to harvest)
  • Birgit (strength)
  • Tea (gift of God)
  • Tuva (beautiful)
  • Kirsten (Christian)
  • Malin (high tower, woman of Magdela)

Famous people with the name Sonja:

  • Sonja Åkesson (Swedish poet)
  • Sonja Kolačarić (Serbian actress)
  • Sonja Morgan (American reality TV personality)
  • Sonja Bakic (Serbian pop/rock singer)
  • Sonia Braga (Brazilian actress)

Sonja in popular culture:

  • Sonja Martin (literature, “Treasure Huntress” series by Ryan Mullaney)
  • Sonja Stone (television, “The Beautiful Life”)
  • Red Sonja (comics, “Red Sonja” comics series”)
  • Sonja (film, “Underworld” series)
  • Sonja (television, “SKAM”)
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