From more common names like Olga and Natasha to the lesser-known names like Anja and Vika, all of the options on this list of Russian baby names for girls is beautiful and feminine. Explore the meanings and spellings of each to find the perfect fit for your daughter.

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  • Raisa This title is often handed down to Russian girls. The name celebrates the rose. One of its most famous adherents was the wife of the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
  • Anja Individuals of Russian extraction might name a newborn daughter Anja. The honorific recognizes graceful subjects. Moreover, Anja is a variation of the culturally universal title Anna.
  • Yelena Yelena is a Russian girl's name. It translates to bright or shining. In addition, the moniker is the Russian version of Helen.
  • KiraThis name is popularly awarded to Russian girls. Its actual translation is throne and may be spelled a number of ways.
  • TatianaTatiana is a feminine title bestowed upon newborn Russian girls. The name's origins can be traced back to the famed Roman king Tatius.
  • Lilia Fathers and mothers of Russian upbringing may title newborn daughters Lilia. As the title might suggest, it celebrates the lily flower. Furthermore, several spelling variations are acceptable.
  • NatashaFew Russian feminine titles are more popular or time-tested than Natasha. The honorific celebrates the birth of The Lord.
  • ValentinaValentina is a popular girl's name in Russian culture. It recognizes strength and health.
  • MarinaMarina is a well-known name given to Russian girls. It translates to one hailing from the sea.
  • VeraThis strong feminine name is common to Russian people. It translates to faith and has garnered a resurgence in recent times.
  • AnastasiaParticularly religious Russian parents might designate newborn daughters with the title Anastasia. This moniker means resurrection. Additionally, the denomination's origins are connected to ancient Greek culture and the name Anastasios. One of its most noted current holders is Russian Olympic tennis gold medalist Anastasia Pavyluchenkova.
  • MilaMila is a popular Russian girl's name. It recognizes one considered a gracious or dear person. Amongst its most noted possessors is famed actress, the Ukrainian-born Mila Kunis.
  • NadiaPersons of Russian heritage might name a newborn girl Nadia. Translated from Russian, the moniker means delicate. In addition, the name has garnered favor beyond Russian's borders. One of its most famous holders is Romanian gymnast Nadia Comenici.
  • Lara This feminine title is often bestowed upon Russian girls. It means citadel.
  • AngelinaAngelina is a relatively common title handed down to newborn Russian daughters. As one might surmise, it means angel. Moreover, the name is quite commonly bestowed outside Russia. A famous holder is Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie.
  • Sonia This sometimes overlooked but powerful designation is given to Russian girls. The title celebrates wisdom and intellectual prowess. Additionally, language historians maintain that Sonia is the Russian and Scandinavian variant of Sophia.
  • Irina Irina is a commonly bestowed Russian girl's title. The designation connotes peace. Furthermore, Irina is the Russian equivalent to the Greek moniker Irene.
  • KatarinaPersons of Russian ethnicity often name newborn daughters Katarina. The honorific denotes pureness. It is also popular in other nations. One of its most celebrated holders is German figure skating gold medalist Katarina Witt.
  • Anoushka This Russian version of the English name Ann is a relatively common girl's name. Translated from Russian, Anoushka means grace.
  • Olga Pious Russian subjects might title a newborn daughter Olga. The moniker connotes holiness. One of its most famous holders is Russian Olympic gymnast gold medalist Olga Korbut.
  • Galina This feminine title is often awarded to Russian girls. Galina means calmness and also recognizes individuals possessing healing powers.
  • Izabella Izabella is a Russian girl's name. The moniker translates to the phrase pledged to God.
  • Lida This girl's name is commonly handed to Russian newborns. It means happy and is the Russian variation of Lydia.
  • Vika Vika is an increasingly popular Russian girls name. The honorific celebrates victory and is an abridged version of Victoria.
  • Nika Russian parents might choose to bestow a newborn girl with the title Nika. The title translates to the phrase she who brings victory. Moreover, Nika is a shortened variant of the title Veronica.

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