Russia is one of the oldest and most revered European countries. The nation's people have made numerous offerings to the modern world. Therefore, no one should be surprised that the Russian language has contributed several notable names given to newborns in that country and beyond. Check out this list of Russian baby names for both boys and girls and explore the meanings of each to find the perfect option for your child.

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  • MischaRussian parents might title newborn children this unisex moniker. The designation translates to one who is like God. Moreover, Mischa is a derivative of the common Russian honorific Mikhail.
  • AlekThis is a Russian, gender-neutral title. The denominations means defender of mankind.
  • ArmanArman is unisex designation often bestowed upon Russian newborns. The designation is translated to mean warrior.
  • Georgi Persons of Russian extraction might choose to name a newborn son or daughter Georgi. The honorific recognizes farmers and is the Russian variant of George or Georgia.
  • Damyan Damyan is a gender-neutral denomination awarded to Russian babies. The name celebrates those who are tame or subdued.
  • Adamka Russian parents might designate newborn sons Adamka. In their native tongue, the title translates to son of the earth. Moreover, it is a variation of the noted biblical moniker Adam.
  • Fanya Fanya is a Russian girl's name. It means free woman and is a Russian derivative of the English title Frances.
  • Timka Those fond of Russian culture might name a newborn boy Timka. In Russian, the name translates to the phrase celebrating God. Furthermore, it is the Russian diminutive of the English moniker Timothy.
  • Agasha Agasha is a title given to Russian girls. The name recognizes a good woman and is a variant of the popular English honorific Agatha.
  • Ignati Neophyte Russian mothers and fathers may title their newborn boys Ignati. The denomination means fiery.
  • Verina This feminine name is often designated for newborn Russian babies. The title connotes one possessing endless charm.
  • Zinov is a moniker handed down to Russian sons. In said language, the moniker translates to ruler of the Gods. Additionally, Zinov is the Russian variant of the Greek God Zenobios, who is more commonly recognized as Zeus.
  • OdessaNew Russian Moms and Dads may title newborn daughters Odessa. The name honors the legacy of the Ukrainian city founded by Russian Empress Catherine The Great.
  • Stas Stas is a masculine moniker given to Russian infants. In said tongue, the title honors individuals expected to attain great achievements.
  • Evva This Russian name is often awarded to baby girls. The name celebrates life and is a variation of the biblical name Eve.
  • Kesar Kesar is a title bestowed upon Russian boys. Though the designation's literal translation is long-haired, it also honors the historically significant Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.
  • Zhanna Subjects with Russian ethnicity may name newborn daughters Zhanna. In said tongue, the title translates to the phrase God is gracious. Moreover, it is the Russian variant of the English moniker Jane.
  • Natan Natan is a name given to Russian boys. The designation means birth and is the Russian equivalent of the Hebrew honorific Nathan.
  • Sharlotta This title is awarded to Russian infant girls. The name celebrates femininity and is the Russian variation of the French denomination Charlotte.
  • Rolan Russian-born parents might name baby boys Rolan. The title connotes one who is expected to be famous or well-known.
  • Nessa Nessa is a feminine moniker given to Russian babies. The title means promontory.
  • Pasha Russian families might title newborn sons with this masculine designation. The name is translated to mean small but dignified and is often given to boys born around Easter.
  • Zoya Zoya is a Russian girl's name. The designation honors life and is the Russian equivalent of the Anglicized honorific Zoe.

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