From Sergei to Boris to Dimitri, this list of Russian baby names for boys is filled with a wide selection of masculine names. Explore the meaning of each one to find the perfect options for your son.

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  • ViktorViktor is a popular Russian boy's title. In the Russian language, the moniker means conqueror.
  • Ruslan This masculine moniker is given to Russian boys. In this language, the title means lion. Additionally, the designation is the Russian variant of the Turkish name Aslan.
  • Leonid Individuals holding Russian heritage might name newborn sons Leonid. Like Ruslan, the title translates to lion. Arguably, one its most famous possessors is the late Soviet ruler Leonid Brezhnev.
  • Vadim Vadim is a relatively common name for Russian boys. The honorific celbrates physically appealing or attractive subjects.
  • Gennady This Masculine title is often bestowed upon newborn Russian males. The moniker carries multiple meanings: person of noble birth, in addition to a generous soul.
  • Yulian – Yulian is a Russian boy's title. It means youthful.
  • Kirion The parents of newborn Russian boys might choose the denomination Kirion. The title honors The Lord. Moreover, Kirion is derived from the similarly spelled Greek moniker Kyrion.
  • Serafim This popular designation is often awarded to Russian boys. Russian language experts maintain that the title translates to fiery. Several Russian Orthodox Archbishops and Metropolitans have held this title.
  • Maksim Maksim is a masculine title handed down to Russian babies. It recognizes gratefulness.
  • Naum Some Russian parents might designate their newborn sons with the title Naum. Naum means comfort.
  • Marek This derivative of the biblical title Mark is a relatively common Russian boy's name. Its literal translation is warlike. Furthermore, it has gained favor is other Slavic nations.
  • Sergei Sergei is one of the most popular names given to Russian boys. The title honors the famed Russian Orthodox Saint Sergius, who is remembered for his kindness and compassion.
  • GermanThis name is handed down to newborn Russian males. In the Russian language, German translates to warrior.
  • Boris Boris is another extremely popular title bestowed upon infant Russian sons. The honorific is translated to mean to fight. Additionally, name historians maintain that the moniker has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years.
  • Rodion Rodion is a designation awarded to Russian boys. It means the hero's song.
  • Vasili Vasili is a common Russian boy's title. The moniker celebrates those of royal or noble extraction.
  • Yuri Individuals with a Russian ethnic background often choose to name newborn sons Yuri. The title translates to farmer and is a Russian variant of the English denomination George.
  • Alexei Alexei is a common name for Russian boys. The name translates to the defender of man and can be spelled several different ways.
  • Ilya Pious Russian subjects may designate a newborn son Ilya. Language historians suggest that the title translates to The Lord My God. In addition, the moniker is the Russian variation of the Hebrew name Elijah.
  • VladimirThis quite popular and common honorific is often handed down to Russian boys. It means renowned prince. Possessors frequently use Vlad as a nickname. Its most famous current holder is powerful Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • NikolaiNikolai is a time-honored and celebrated Russian boy's name. In Russian, the title means victory of the people. Moreover, it is the Russian diminutive of the English moniker Nicholas.
  • Anton This designation if often bestowed upon Russian boys. Its literal translation is priceless. Furthermore, the title is the Russian version of Anthony.
  • IvanIvan is one of the most popular Russian boys names of all time. In literal terms, the moniker translates to God is gracious. In addition, the name is the Russian version of John and is just as popular outside Russia.
  • DimitriMothers and fathers fond of Russian culture might title their newborn sons Dimitri. The honorific honors the Greek God of farming and fertility, Demeter.
  • LevLev is a Russian boy's name. The title means lionhearted and brave.

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