From Kellen to Deepak to Renny and beyond, each of these boy names that mean little is handsome and unique. Explore each name, including origin and meaning, and find the best option for your little boy.

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  • Kellen This boy’s name originated in the Gaelic language. It means small, slim, and slender. A noted bearer is current Dallas Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore.
  • Boris Boris is a classic and popular male title. Its heritage in Russian and salutes small battlers and fighters in said language. A famous possessor is the late actor Boris Karloff.
  • AlanThe roots of this male offering are Gaelic. Alan means little rock. A famous holder is legendary actor Alan Alda.
  • Renny Renny is a male denomination. Its seeds were planted in the Irish and Gaelic tongues. When interpreted from those languages, it honors those who are small but mighty. A celebrated namesake is movie director Renny Harlin.
  • Ronan Like Renny, Ronan is a male honorific holding Gaelic and Irish heritage. In English, the title symbolizes little seals. A noted bearer is world-renowned Irish tenor Ronan Tynan.
  • Sweeney Sweeney is a classic Irish name. It honors small heroes.
  • Marlon The title Marlon carries old French roots. The label personifies little hawks. Arguably, its most noted holder is the late Academy Award recipient Marlon Brando.
  • Deepak Indian parents often favor Deepak as a designation for infant sons. The Hindi and Sanskrit languages boast its introduction into the world of names. It means little lamp. A famed namesake is author Deepak Chopra.
  • GlenGlen is a man’s name. It was first seen in the Gaelic language and represents small valleys. It can be spelled using different letter combinations. A famous bearer is the late country singer Glen Campbell.
  • Bjarki Parents from Scandinavian countries might designate newborn boys Bjarki. The title originated in the Old Norse and Icelandic tongues. The honorific personifies little bears.
  • Goldiin Goldiin is a masculine offering rooted in the English language. It exemplifies little pieces of gold. Additionally, the title enjoys several acceptable spellings.
  • KeeganKeegan is a title given to boys. The moniker first took hold in the Irish and Gaelic tongues. In those languages, it means small fire. Alternatively, thinker is a recognized definition.
  • Usain This honorific is bestowed upon newborn males. Usain enjoys Jamaican and Arabic ancestry. Its primary meaning is small. That said, language experts maintain that the offering also signifies beauty and humbleness. Quite possibly, its most famous holder is legendary Jamaican multiple Olympic gold medal-winning track star Usain Bolt.
  • TrayvonTrayvon is a male title that was first noted in Wales. In Welsh, the label represents small but strong men.
  • Paavo Finnish-conversing mothers and fathers often name newborn boys Paavo. When translated from the Baltic Sea-bordering country’s tongue, the denomination symbolizes smallness.
  • Selden England is the nation where the masculine title Selden was first used. It salutes people hailing from small valleys.
  • Sindre Sindre is a boy’s label most often handed out in Scandinavian countries. In Norwegian, the designation means small but sparkling.
  • Cade The name Cade originated in the Welsh tongue. It recognizes small battles. The title is also popular in the United States and other English-speaking nations.
  • Gilligan The boy’s offering Gilligan holds English and Celtic heritage. It honors small boys and was made famous by actor Bob Denver in his portrayal of the title character to the popular sitcom Gilligan’s Island.
  • Kahn This male title’s birth came in Germany. In German, Khan personifies small boats.
  • Truitt Persons born of English ancestry may designate newborn sons Truitt. The moniker salutes those who are small but loyal.
  • Kittu Kittu is a name commonly awarded by Tamil-conversing mothers and fathers. When translated from this Indian dialect, the honorific represents small boys. Furthermore, it is typically bestowed by adherents of the Hindu faith.
  • LoganLogan is a boy’s name native to Scotland. In the Scottish language, it means small hollow.
  • Lorcan Irish Moms and Dads might prefer to title infant boys Lorcan. The offering celebrates those who are small but fierce.
  • OranOran is a male moniker holding the distinction of possessing Irish and Hebrew origins. In said languages, the label celebrates little green ones.

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