The 3 Largest Schools In Quebec City Today

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The 3 Largest Schools In Quebec City Today

Quebec City is a beautiful historic city that serves as the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. It has a rich cultural heritage and a marvelous educational system. When traveling to Canada, be sure to visit this must-see destination known for its famous festivals and scrumptious food. Quebec City features large schools that offer a wide range of programs to suit all students' needs. In this article, we take a closer look at the 3 largest schools in Quebec City and what each one has to offer.

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St. Thomas High School (Quebec)

111 Broadview Avenue, Pointe-Claire, QV, H9R 3Z3

Student count: 1335

Located in Pointe-Claire and founded in 1960, St. Thomas High School is a public English High School. It was formally a Roman Catholic foundation and is also part of the International Baccalaureate Organization (which is certified with Middle Year Programs known as the IB, which is a nonprofit foundation based in Switzerland and will be discussed further below). St. Thomas is the second-largest high school and ranked No. 1 in 2008 out of 466 school provinces.

Additionally, St.Thomas encourages students to excel in social, intellectual, and personal fields. Each student is taught to appreciate their personal belongings, show mutual respect for others, and feel comfortable in a safe environment. Furthermore, students can participate in an array of seasonal sporting activities, such as:

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Cross Country
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Futsal
  • Badminton
  • Rugby (boys and girls)
  • Water polo

What Is the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program?

To begin with, this program is designed to motivate and inspire international students aged 11–16. Each student learns how to improve their attitude, responsibility, knowledge, and understanding of our world and how it changes. The IBMYP recognizes students from around the world who understand humanity and can share their experiences with others to help create a happier and more peaceful world. By practicing these skills, students can hold them in their hearts and pass on their knowledge to future generations.

Students participate in a series of programs that provide the very best educational opportunities according to the individual student’s needs and abilities. You can find out more about their academic profile here.

Notable Alumni

  • Joe Cassidy, head of St. Chad’s College, Durham, England
  • Ross Hull, a Canadian actor
  • Brandon Reid, a former NHL player
  • Larry Tittley, a Canadian Football League star
  • Cassey MacKenna, actress

Collège Montmorency

475 Bd de I’Avenir, Laval, QC, H7N 5H9, Cananda

Student Count: 7,708

Collège Montmorency, founded in November 1969, is the only college located in Laval, Quebec. Laval is the third-largest city and has a population of approximately 400,000. The college provides pre-university and technical programs.

Pre-university takes two years to complete, and the following programs are available. Double-diploma programs are also available and take three years to complete.

  • Dance
  • Art and Letters: Communication, Cinema, Literature, Languages, Culture, and Translation
  • Social Science: Organizational Administration, Glance at the Individual, World, and Society
  • Visual arts
  • Science: Health Science, Pure and applied science

Additionally, the technical career programs take three years to complete, and the following are available.

  • Agribusiness programs: Marketing landscape and ornamental horticulture technology
  • Biological programs: Orthotic and orthopedic prosthesis technology; Nursing, Physical rehabilitation technology; and Nutrition technology.
  • Human programs: Firefighting technology and Children education technology
  • Physics programs: Industrial electronics technology, Architectural technology, Electronics technology, Civil engineering technology, and Building assessment and evaluation technology
  • Arts program: Museology techniques
  • Administration programs: Insurance and financial service council, Administration and accounting technology, Business administration, Computer science technology, Desktop publishing and hypermedia, Tourism technology, and Managing a food service establishment.
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Universitè Laval

2325, rue de l’Universitè, Quèbec G1V 0A6

Student count: 47,690

Founded in 1663 by Francois de Montmorency-Laval, this public research university is the oldest organization offering higher education in Canada. Did you know that this university ranks among the top 10 in terms of funding and also holds four Canada Excellence Research Chairs? Furthermore, the university offers more than 350 programs and attracts more than 2,500 foreign students a year. A large number of students attend the university for its French for non-francophones program, which teaches French as a second language. Additionally, Universitè Laval offers distance learning with over 30 programs and 400 courses, of which 80% are available online.

Notable Alumni

  • Prime Ministers of Canada: Jean Chrètein, Brian Mulroney, and Louis St. Laurent
  • Premiers of Quebec: Edmund James Flynn, Jean Lesage, and Simon-Napolèon

Final Thoughts

Finally, Quebec City has a variety of top-notch educational institutions that offer unique learning experiences in both higher education and vocational training that prepare students for success in the future.

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