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Alan is a name with a complex, traditional origin. Each origin story that comes with the name Alan allows for the baby name to have a different meaning as well. When considering German origin, the name could mean “precious.” While in Gaelic, the name could mean “little rock.” There is even a chance, however, that the name Alan originates from the tribal Alans who were from Iran.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Alan:

Alan is a boy's name of a few different origins and meaning. The Irish meaning of Alan is “little rock.” THe Scottish meaning is “handsome” or “beautiful.” And the German meaning is “precious.”

The most popular basis of the origin of the name Alan is from ancient English and Irish traditions. There have been written records with the baby name Alan in documents that are from the sixth century in the region of Brittany. Alan may have come from the Irish word ailín (meaning “little rock”). Alan also may have derived from the Irish álainn or Scottish Gaelic àlainn, which both mean “handsome” or “beautiful.”

The German meaning of the name Alan is “precious” in German. The Iranian people aforementioned actually migrated to Europe in the fourth or fifth century, and may have encouraged the use of Alan among European citizens.

Symbolism of the Name Alan:

When the name Alan was first used popularly throughout Europe, it was given to the dukes who were of the region of Brittany. The Norman conquest by the Bretons who lived in Brittany actually brought the name Alan more into England as well. Due to the nobility associated with the name, the meaning of the name that is “handsome” makes more sense.

Nicknames for the Name Alan:

Alan is a cute name for boys that is short and sweet. Short names like Alan typically don't have many options for nicknames. That isn't the case for Alan, however. There are many nicknames you can choose from. We compiled those nicknames in the list below to help you find the perfect one for your baby boy.

  • Al
  • Ali 
  • Ally
  • Lal
  • Len
  • Lan
  • Lenny
  • Alonzo
  • Lanny
Baby name Alan

Style of the Name Alan:

The name Alan is likely a traditional name.

Gender of the Name Alan:

The gender for the baby name Alan is male.

Pronunciation of Alan:


Number of syllables in Alan:

There are two syllables in the name Alan.

Emotion evoked from the Name Alan:

Alan is a simple name, but it still has an emotion of seriousness and pride.

Alternative spellings of Alan:

  • Allen 
  • Allan
  • Allyn
  • Alyn
  • Alen
  • Alin

Popularity of the Name Alan:

The name Alan has remained on the top 200 list since the year 1972, and it is now number 194 as of the year 2020. From the years 1938 to 1971, the name Alan was actually on the top 100 list as well with it even reaching number 40 in 1951.

Great middle names for Alan and their meanings:

  • Aaron (exalted, strong)
  • David (beloved)
  • Weber (weaver)
  • Hugo (mind)
  • Oscar (friend of deer)
  • Michael (who is like God?)
  • Brian (high, noble)
  • Byron (at the byres, at the barn)

Famous people with the Name Alan:

  • Alan Rickman (actor, Harry Potter)
  • Alan Bersten (dancer, “Dancing with the Stars”)
  • Alan Jackson (country music singer)
  • Alan Shearer (soccer player, Southampton)
  • Alan Turing (mathematician)

The Name Alan in movies/pop culture:

  • Alan Grant (character in Jurassic Park)
  • Alan Harper (character in “Two and a Half Men”)
  • Alan Wilson (character from “24”)
  • Alan Powers (Brain, character from “Arthur)
  • Alan Parrish (main character in Jumanji)

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