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Ali is a unisex baby name of Arabic and English origin. In Arabic Ali means “supreme, exalted, sublime. Ali is also a diminutive of the English names Allison and Alexandra and means “noble” or “defending men”.

Meaning of the name Ali:

Arabic: supreme, exalted, sublime
English: noble, defending men

Origin of the name Ali:

Ali is a unisex baby name of Arabic and English origin. In Arabic Ali is a boy’s name that means “supreme, exalted, sublime”. In English Ali is the diminutive of Allison and Alexandra and means “noble” or “defending men”.

Style of the name Ali:


Gender of the name Ali:

Ali is a name given to both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name Ali:

AL-ee (English), ‘A-lee (Arabic), a-LEE (Persian)

Number of syllables in the name Ali:


Emotion evoked from the name Ali:

Ali evokes feelings of wisdom and nobility.

Alternative spellings for the name Ali:

Allie, Aly

Nicknames for the name Ali:

There are no common nicknames for Ali.

Popularity of the name Ali:

According to the Social Security Administration, Ali is a popular unisex baby name. As a boy’s name Ali has been popular since 1969 and is #322 as of 2020. As a girl’s name Ali was popular between 1985 and 2013, ranking highest at #690 in 1986.

Related names for the name Ali:

Great middle names for the name Ali and their meanings:


  • River (body of water)
  • Joel (Jehovah is God)
  • Zeev (wolf)
  • Sage (wise)
  • Nash (by the ash tree)


  • Brea (vigorous)
  • Rose (rose)
  • Violet (purple)
  • Jana (God is gracious)
  • Zarya (Slavic beauty goddess)

Famous people with the name Ali:

  • Ali Jones (American rapper)
  • Ali Shaheed Muhammad (American rapper)
  • Ali Germaine Landry (American model and actress)
  • Ali Velshi (Canadian TV journalist)
  • Cho Yong-jin aka Ali (South Korean pop singer)

Alis in popular culture:

  • Ali Baba (literature, “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”)
  • Ali G (comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s character)
  • Sherif Ali ibn el Kharish (film, “Lawrence of Arabia”)
  • Prince Ali Ababwa (film, “Aladdin”)
  • Alison “Ali” DiLaurentis (television, Pretty Little Liars series)