The earliest known usage of the name Allison dates back to 12th century Scotland. A version of it even appeared in The Canterbury Tales, and in 1977, singer Elvis Costello recorded a song called “Alison.” Today, various spellings of Allison are some of the most popular female baby names in the United States, and it's been that way for decades.

Meaning of the name Allison:

Scottish: Noble
Irish: Of noble birth
German: Child of the noble one
Greek: Truth
French: Little Alice or son of Alice

Origin of the name Allison:

The name Allison dates back to the Middle Ages where it began as a nickname for the name Alice or the name for a child of Alice. It was originally a male name, but over the last century, it has generally been used for baby girls.

Symbolism of the name Allison:

The name Allison represents nobility, leadership and strength.

Baby names Alison

Style of the name Allison:


Gender of the name Allison:

Allison was once a name for boys and girls, but today, it is generally used for baby girls in the United States.

Pronunciation of the name Allison:


Number of syllables in the name Allison:


Emotions evoked by the name Allison:

The baby name Allison evokes an image of a strong-willed individual who is ambitious and successful.

Alternative spellings of the name Allison:

mother playing with little daughter on a tropical beach
mother playing with little daughter on a tropical beach


Nicknames for the name Allison:

Popularity of the name Allison:

Since 1974, Allison has been one of the top 100 baby names for girls born in the United States. In 2020, it was ranked at number 80.

Related names for the name Allison:

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Famous people with the name Allison:

Allisons from movies/pop culture:

  • Allison Argent (character in the TV show “Teen Wolf”)
  • Allison Reynolds (character in the movie The Breakfast Club)
  • Allison Dubois (character on the TV show “Medium”)
  • Allison Taylor (fictional president on the TV show “24”)
  • Alison Blaire (fictional superhero in Marvel Comics)