If you envision your daughter being a loyal and faithful human, then consider giving her a name from this list of girl names that mean loyal. From Amity to Leona to Carla and beyond, each brings a feminine and meaningful quality. Take a look!

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  • AlexandraAlexandra is the feminine form of Alexander. This name has Greek roots and can mean both loyal and a woman who defends men.
  • AliciaNot only does Alicia mean loyal, but it can also mean protective. This name has modern roots and is sometimes spelled Alycia.
  • Ally Though some use this as a nickname for Alison, it is also a full name with American roots that means loyalty. It is occasionally spelled Allie.
  • AmityThough this name is similar to the name of a city in New York, it is Latin. Amity can stand for loyalty or friendship.
  • Benny Also spelled Bennie, this is a name that comes from Spain. Benny means both loyal and brave and can mean strength.
  • CarlaThough not as popular as it once was, Carla is a German girl's name. The name means both loyal and free man to represent those who are free to find their loved ones.
  • Chicago Chicago is the name of an Illinois city and comes from an old Native American term. Native Americans used the term for animals who were loyal to their packs.
  • Etelvina Coming from Germany, this name shows that the child will grow up to be a good friend. Girls with this name are noble and loyal.
  • FayeFaye is a modern name with French roots that came to mean loyalty and trust or belief. Parents can use different spellings such as Fay.
  • Fideline This French name for girls means someone who is loyal. The name is a team of endearment.
  • Leala Leala has both French and Spanish roots. Some also spell this name as Leela in honor of the Futurama character of the same name.
  • Leona Leona is a Latin name that refers to a lion, which is an animal known for its loyalty. The name became more popular after the success of singer Leona Lewis.
  • LeolaA French name for girls, Leola means loyalty. A similar name is Leya, which comes from Spain and means the same thing.
  • MatildaOriginally used in Germany, Matilda means a loyal fighter who is strong in battle. Some also spell this name as Mathilda.
  • MeredithMeredith is a Welsh girl's name that means a loyal and good ruler of others. This name gained popularity due to the character of the same name on the TV show Grey's Anatomy.
  • MildredMildred was the name of several famous women throughout history. The name comes from old English and refers to a woman who has a gentle strength and is loyal.
  • Murphy Irish people once used this name for people connected to the sea people. It is a cute girl's name that can mean loyalty.
  • NicoleNicole has French roots and stands for loyalty and victory. This name has several other spellings such as Niccole and Nicolle.
  • Philomena Philomena is a traditional name for baby girls that comes from the ancient Greeks. In addition to loyalty, the name means a powerful type of love.
  • PhoebePhoebe means both loyalty and pureness. The name comes from ancient Greece and can also mean bright.
  • ShelbieThis cute name is a modern and updated name for girls. Though no one knows its origins, it means both loyal and kind.
  • ShylahShylah is a girl's name with Irish origins. Unlike other names that refer to loyalty in general, this name means someone who is loyal to God.
  • Takako Japanese people used this name before it became popular in other regions. Girls with this name are loyal to their families and loved ones.
  • Themba Themba is a girl's name that comes from an old African name. It means loyalty and faith as well as hope and truth.
  • TrueA popular name for girls, this is a shortened and feminine version of Truman sometimes spelled Tru. The name means loyal one and comes from old English.

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