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Mildred is a renowned and respected baby name for girls. Reminiscent of its proud Anglo-Saxon heritage, this name has brought joy to families for centuries. Mildred “Millie” Helper is the name of the lovable neighbor in the Dick Van Dyke series, and Mildred Hubble was the wise protagonist of The Worst Witch series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Mildred:

Old English: Gentle strength

Origin of the name Mildred:

Mildred originates from the Old English name Mildþryð (meaning “gentle strength”). This name combines the Anglo-Saxon elements milde (meaning “gentle”) and þryð (meaning “strength”).

Symbolism of the name Mildred:

Mildred is an Anglo-Saxon name that means “gentle strength.” Historically, one of the most famous bearers of the name was Saint Mildred of Kent. Born into nobility during the 600s, Mildred left a life of relative luxury to become a nun in the village of Minster-in-Thanet. She later became an abbess. Symbols of Saint Mildred included the nun's crozier and the princess crown.

Style of the name Mildred:


Gender of the name Mildred:

Mildred is a girl's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Mildred:


Number of syllables in the name Mildred:


Emotion evoked from the name Mildred:

The name Mildred evokes feelings of mildness and mercy.

Alternative spellings for the name Mildred:

  • Mildrid
  • Mildryd

Nicknames for the name Mildred:

Popularity of the name Mildred:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Mildred was the 1,965th most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

Related names for the name Mildred:

Great middle names for Mildred and their meanings:

  • Amie (beloved)
  • Briana (high, noble, hill)
  • Camdyn (winding valley, enclosed vale)
  • Everly (wild boar woodland, grazing meadow)
  • Karla (free man, strong, virile, petite)
  • Kenzie (descendant of Coinneach, born of fire, handsome)
  • Nechama (comfort, consolation)
  • Orianne (sunrise, dawn, golden)
  • Rhea (flowing stream)
  • Sophia (wisdom)
  • Zinnia (aster flower)

Famous people with the name Mildred:

  • Mildred Elizabeth Albert (fashion commentator)
  • Mildred Inez Bailey (brigadier general)
  • Mildred Leona Batchelder (literary advocate)
  • Mildred Alice Dover (politician)
  • Mildred Fay Jefferson (physician)
  • Mildred Mathilda Lager (health advocate)
  • Mildred Esther Mathias (botanist)
  • Mildred Ellen Orton (businesswoman)
  • Mildred DeLois Taylor (writer)
  • Mildred Jean Thompson (artist)

Mildred in popular culture:

  • Mildred “Millie” Helper (character in the Dick Van Dyke series)
  • Mildred Hubble (protagonist of The Worst Witch series)
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