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Nechama is a very integral name to the Jewish people. It is very common among this culture but is just starting to spread to others throughout America. The name is associated with a holiday of mourning, but it can be a bright name for girls from any culture.

Meaning of the name Nechama:

Hebrew: comfort

Origin of the name Nechama:

The baby name Nechama originated with the Hebrew and Jewish people. It was reserved for any baby born on the holiday of Tisha B'Av on the Jewish calendar. This date has a very important meaning to the people of the Jewish religion as it marks when Jeremiah mourned the destruction of Jerusalem and its temples.

Symbolism of the name Nechama:

Nachama began as a name for Jewish children born on the holiday of Tisha B'Av. Jews are encouraged to mourn on this date, just as Jeremiah did for the destruction of his precious Jerusalem. Since Nechama means “comfort” in Hebrew, it could be an important name for the day of mourning.

Style of the name Nechama:


Gender of the name Nechama:

Nechama is a unique baby name for females.

Pronunciation of the name Nechama:


Number of syllables in the name Nechama:


Emotion evoked from the name Nechama:

Nechama feels serious and important. Despite this, it is approachable and humble.

Alternative spellings for the name Nechama:

  • Necama
  • Nekama
  • Nekamah
  • Necamah
  • Nechamah
  • Nehama
  • Nehamah

Nicknames for the name Nechama:

  • Nacham
  • Chama
  • Ama
  • Nay
  • Cha Cha
  • Nech

Popularity of the name Nechama:

Nechama is not a top 1,000 baby name in America. It only recently became popularized in American families. It is a very traditional name in Hebrew culture.

Related names for the name Nechama:

Great middle names for Nechama and their meanings:

  • Abigail (cause of joy)
  • Aaliyah (rising, ascending)
  • Galia (wave)
  • Danielle (God is my judge)
  • Jaine (gift from God)
  • Elya (the Lord is my God)
  • Mira (peaceful, amazing, mother earth)
  • Temira (tall)
  • Sarah (noblewoman, princess)

Famous people with the name Nechama:

  • Nechama Rivlin (wife of President Rivlin of Israel)
  • Nechama Hendel (pop singer in Israel)
  • Nechama Leibowitz (Biblical scholar)
  • Nechama Tec (sociologist)

Nechamas in popular culture:

There are no popular culture references with the name Nechama.

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