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Mikael is a refined version of Michael. It originated in Eastern European and Scandinavian countries, especially with the spread of the Christian church. In America, Mikael is a top 2,300 option at 2,268.

Meaning of the name Mikael:

Scandinavian: who is like God?
Finnish: who is like God?
Breton: who is like God?

Origin of the name Mikael:

Michael was a baby name that spread with the popularity of the Christian church. Mikael became the eastern European of that option, specifically in Scandinavian, Finnish, and Breton cultures. Mikael ultimately derives from the ancient Hebrew name Mikha'el. Mikha'el translates to “who is like God?”

Symbolism of the name Mikael:

The baby name Mikael has the same meaning as Michael. Michael dates back to the ancient Hebrew option, Mikha'el. Mikha'el translates to “who is like God?” It is a rhetorical question that showcases that no one else is like the god of Judaism and Christianity.

Style of the name Mikael:


Gender of the name Mikael:

Mikael is a refined name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Mikael:

Mee-kal, Mee-ka-ehl, MEE-kah-ehl

Number of syllables in the name Mikael:

Two or three

Emotion evoked from the name Mikael:

Mikael is a formal and wholesome baby name. It is powerful and mature.

Alternative spellings for the name Mikael:

  • Mikaell
  • Mikail
  • Mikaill
  • Mikayl
  • Mikayll
  • Mykael
  • Mykaell

Nicknames for the name Mikael:

  • Mik
  • Mika
  • Mike
  • Kael 
  • Kah
  • Ika

Popularity of the name Mikael:

Mikael was only a top 1,000 baby name for one year, according to the Social Security Popularity Index. As of 2016, it was a top 1,000 option at rank 960. As of 2021, Mikael is a top 2,300 baby name. More specifically, it is number 2,268 for boys.

Related names for the name Mikael:

Great middle names for Mikael and their meanings:

  • Ivan (God's gracious gift)
  • Dylan (son of the sea, born from the ocean)
  • Guillermo (strong-willed warrior, with gilded helmet)
  • Easton (east-facing place)
  • Dudley (people's field, Dudda's meadow)
  • Graham (gravelly homestead)
  • Joren (farmer)
  • Cameron (crooked nose)

Famous people with the name Mikael:

  • Mikael Persbrandt (actor, “Beck”), “
  • Mikael Forssell (soccer player)
  • Mikael Backlund (ice hockey player)
  • Mikael Granlund (ice hockey player)

Mikaels in popular culture:

  • Mikael Blomkvist (character from “Millennium” trilogy)
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