This list of girl names that mean little is filled with a wonderful selection of feminine options. From Yara to Dewi to Kiara, each baby name is playful and impactful. Take a look!

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  • KiaraThis feminine denomination was first handed out by parents of girls born in Ireland and Italy. In Italian and Irish, Kiara means little dark one. Alternatively, light and clear are recognized definitions.
  • Yara Yara is a female title common in the Arabic-conversing world. In English, the label honors little friends or helpers.
  • Cosette French parents or those fond of said nation’s culture and language might name newborn daughters Cosette. When interpreted from the widely spoken European tongue, the offering celebrates little things.
  • Umayma Language historians credit the Arabic language for producing the feminine denomination Umayma. The title recognizes little mothers.
  • Rilla Parents in Germany were the first to title infant girls Rilla. In German, the title means small stream or brook.
  • PaulettePaulette is a classic female moniker. In French, it means small. In addition, it is a variant of the male moniker Paul.
  • Capella This Latin name’s history dates back to the Roman era. Capella was a mythical goat rumored to have suckled the God Jupiter during his infancy.
  • Tiernan This Irish name is given to newborn girls. In said language, the designation means little Lord.
  • Reinette French parents might designate baby daughters Reinette. In English, it celebrates little queens.
  • Prunella The lady’s label Prunella’s origins are Latin. In the aged tongue, it symbolizes small plums. A noted bearer is English actress Prunella Scales.
  • Pipaluk Moms and Dads native to Greenland may title newborn girls Pipaluk. When interpreted from Greenlandic, the offering translates into the expression sweet little thing who belongs to me.
  • Suzu Suzu is a girl’s name first awarded in Japan. In Japanese, the honorific exemplifies little bells.
  • Vilja Infant girls born into Scandinavian or Slavic families may be titled Vilja. In the various languages represented by these cultures, the moniker honors small fairies.
  • Glynis Glynis is a feminine label rooted in Wales. In Welsh, it means small valley.
  • Devika When interpreted from Hindi, Devika pays tribute to little Goddesses. The feminine moniker is quite popular in India.
  • Famke Infant girls born to Dutch parents often receive the designation Famke. The offering means little girl. A noted namesake is actress and popular Bond Girl Famke Janssen.
  • Villette Villette is a girl’s name often handed down by French-speaking Moms and Dads. In English, it means small town.
  • SayuriThis female denomination’s origins are Japanese. When translated from the ancient Asian tongue, the name signifies small lilies.
  • Tira Tira’s history can be traced back to when Hebrew was first spoken. In the biblical language, the feminine label recognizes small villages. Additionally, the honorific can be spelled using different letter combinations. A celebrated namesake is supermodel Tyra Banks.
  • Dewi The nation of Indonesia boasts the creation of the lady’s name Dewi. In Indonesian, the offering honors little Goddesses.
  • Adva This name grew to prominence in the Hebrew-speaking world. Typically awarded to girls, Adva means small wave or ripple.
  • Chiquita Many people know that Chiquita is a popular type of banana. However, it is also a Spanish girl’s moniker. In English, the denomination represents little ones.
  • Gladiola In addition to being a type of flower, Gladiola is an honorific bestowed upon newborn girls. The title’s heritage is Latin and means little sword.
  • Kotori Kotori is a common girl’s name in Japan. In said tongue, the label symbolizes small birds.
  • MelinaThe seeds of this feminine title were planted in ancient Greece. In Greek, Melina means little honey. A well-known bearer is actress Melina Kanakaredes.

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