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Melina has a more refined and international feel to it than Melissa. Both date back to the Greek word meli. As of 2020, Melina is a top 700 option and Melissa is in the top 400. Because Melina isn't as popular as Melissa, namingt your daughter Melina would make her stand out.

Meaning and Origin of the name Melina:

Melina is an adorable girl's name of Greek origin meaning “little honey.”

Melina is an ancient Greek baby name that comes from the word méli (meaning “honey”). It has similar origins to the baby name Melissa in this regard. The name became popular in American culture because of actress Melina Mercouri who was popular in the early twentieth century.

Symbolism of the name Melina:

The baby name Melina, as mentioned, comes from the Greek word méli, which translates to “honey” in English. The suffix -na could mean “little.” Honey has been a valuable resource for centuries in many civilizations. It is sweet and symbolizes richness and divinity.

Nicknames for the name Melina:

Melina is a sweet-sounding name with a meaning that is just as sweet. This cute name has many adorable nicknames. Here is a list of nicknames for Melina to help you find the right one for your baby, or maybe this list will inspire you to create your own special nickname.

  • Mel
  • Meli
  • Mellie
  • Mela
  • Lina 
  • Lini
  • Melli
  • Melie
  • Lia 

Style of the name Melina:


Gender of the name Melina:

Melina is an international-sounding name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Melina:


Number of syllables in the name Melina:


Emotion evoked from the name Melina:

Melina feels upper class and refined. It is a complex and international-sounding name.

Alternative spellings for the name Melina:

  • Mellina
  • Melinna
  • Mellinna
  • Mellyna
  • Melyna
  • Melynna
  • Mellynna

Popularity of the name Melina:

Melina was first a top 1,000 name in 1967 at rank 992, and it did not return until 1976, pretty much remaining a top 1,000 option until 1985. Melina came back to the top 1,000 list permanently in 1990, ranking at 825. In 2020, Melina was number 648 for girls. It was a top 500 option, however, in three years. These were 2001 at rank 490, 2007 at rank 478, and 2009 at rank 456.

Great middle names for Melina and their meanings:

  • Yvette (yew, archer)
  • Joy (happiness, joyful)
  • Lucinda (light)
  • Persephone (bringer of death)
  • Cecily (blind, sixth)
  • Darcy (dark-haired, dark)
  • Faye (fairy)
  • Wren (small bird)

Famous people with the name Melina:

  • Melina Kanakaredes (actress, “The Resident”)
  • Melina Marchetta (novelist)
  • Melina Matsoukas (music video director)
  • Melina Mercouri (actress, “Never on Sunday”)
  • Melina Perez (professional wrestler)
  • Melina Teno (water polo player)
  • Melina Petriella (actress, “Waiting for the Messiah”)
  • Melina Aslanidou (singer from Greece)
  • Melina Whistler (character from “Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva”)
  • Melina Havelock (character from “James Bond”)
  • Melina (character from song “Melina”)
  • Melina Manon (character from “Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children”)
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