When it comes to select a name for your little girl, consider one that carries with it deep meaning and sets the stage for a lifetime of cheeriness and joy. From more traditional names like Ellen and Elaine to more exotic options like Soleil and Aelia, here are 25 girl names that mean sun.

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  • Mehr Mehr is often thought to be a baby boy name but it’s actually a baby girl name. It’s of Arabic origin and holds a few meanings. It means “fun, blessing, benevolence”.
  • Aelia Aelia is an Ancient Roman name that was thought to be derived from the Greek word Helios. It means “sun”.
  • Solfrid Solfrid combines two Old Norse words. The name means “beautiful sun”.
  • Solvita Solvita is a name of Latin and Italian origin. It’s thought to derive from the Latin words, sol and vita. The name means “spirit of the sun”.
  • Heulwen Heulwen is a name of Welsh origin. It means “sun blessed, fair, sunshine”.
  • Grian Grian is an Irish name that was derived from Indo-European words. The name combines two words, “to be hot, to burn” and becomes “the sun”. This definition is a modern version.
  • ElaineElaine has two origins. It comes from French and Scottish origin. It derives from Helen and means “sun ray, shining light”.
  • Elanor Elanor comes of Hebrew origin. It’s the variant spelling of the name Eleanor. The Hebrew variant means “God is my light”. Elanor means “sun ray”.Arevik – Arevik is a name of Armenian origin. The name has a few meanings. It means like “the sun, sunshine, sun”.
  • Saule Saule comes from a few origins. It has Lithuanian, Kazakh, and Central Asian origins. The origins all agree on the name’s meaning. Saule means “sun, sun goddess”.
  • Shams Shams is an Arabic name that comes from the Qur’an. The name is based on the Al-shams and shares the same meaning.
  • Shemesh Shemesh is of Hebrew origin. She is the goddess child of El and Asherah in the Hebrew bible. It holds several meanings. The most common is “sun, sunrise, sunset”. The name does become grammatically masculine after the New Testament, but it’s still given to baby girls instead of boys.
  • Tesni Tesni isn’t a common baby girl’s name, but it does have a beautiful meaning surrounding it. Tesni comes of Welsh origin. The name means “warmth from the sun”.
  • Sunna Sunna has various origins. It comes from Old Norse, German, English, French, and Spanish origins. Sunna was also the name of a mythical goddess of the sun.
  • Solveig Solveig is of Scandinavian origin. The name isn’t used outside of the cultural area like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, or Iceland. It has two meanings “the way of the sun, from the house of strength”.Kalindi – Kalindi is of Indian origin. The name comes from Hindu mythological references to the Kalinda Mountains. It means “daughter of the sun god, the sun”.
  • EllenEllen comes from the Greek name Helen, which means “light”. The name doesn’t share the same meaning. It means “shining light, sun ray”.
  • Siria Siria is a name of Spanish origin. It means “sun-bright, glowing”.Oriana – Oriana was made popular by Queen Elizabeth the First. It was an affectionate nickname given to her. It has Hebrew and Latin origins. Oriana means “born at sunrise, dawn, gold”.
  • LianeLiane has French and English origins. They both have different meanings. The French origin means “bond” and the English version means “daughter of the sun”.
  • Kalinda Kalinda is a name that comes from Hindu mythologies. It refers to the Kalinda mountains.
  • Cyra Cyra is a variant spelling to the name of Cyrah. It has both Arabic and Persian origins. The origins of the name share the same meaning.
  • Soleil Soleil is a popular baby girl’s name with French origins. The name has the meaning “sun”.
  • Sole Sole has various origins and meanings. The most popular and agreed upon meanings come from Italian and Spanish origins. The name literally translates from both languages to “sun”.
  • Solana Solana is a name that has Spanish and Latin origin. The name has different meanings depending on the origin. Solana means “sunlight, sunshine, eastern wind”.

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